After launching original masks, worn by big names in music and culture, Youssef Chreiba is about to take up a new and unique experience: Egyptian cinema. Indeed, the young man was quick to mark the minds of Egyptian directors who offered him roles that he is currently studying. A new experience that could turn into a new curve in the life and career of Youssef Chreiba.

Youssef, who keeps his choices open, prefers to keep the scoop for the month of Ramadan during which he will finally announce the name of the Egyptian director with whom he intends to collaborate for his very first film experience.
The one who conquered digital platforms by making masks bearing the effigy of Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan and his Moroccan sidekick Saad Lamjarred, does not intend to stop there and already has a series of original trendy ideas to allow people to protect themselves from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Through his various innovative ideas, the young fashion influencer seeks to raise awareness about the importance of protection, distancing, and health protocols, in a fun, offbeat spirit that is aimed at different sections of society.
We are already expecting a big surprise!

Stay Tuned!

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