I recently pulled a cookbook searching for a favorite family recipe, Moroccan cumin-flavored meatballs. The ingredients are a fragrant medley of garlic, cumin, beef and coriander. Yum!

Fragrance can stimulate memory, and I know it will for me. Many years ago I visited with the World Expo in Canada, where I had my first encounter with Moroccan design. The Moroccan section of the expo was full of colour, exotic aromas and music that will always stick in my mind. Today, I am fond of this style. Inspired by the odor of my meatballs, I thought I would have a look at just how designers are including Moroccan details inside their spaces.

Filmore Clark

Morocco is known for its stunning handmade zellige tile. Here’s a contemporary translation that is just magnificent. The teal and orange tile attribute geometrics and the Moorish star.

Lucy Interior Design

I love the use of Moroccan-inspired arches within this vanity design. The sharp white vanity feels contemporary and refreshing against the dark tiles. Notice how cryptic the lamps texture with a touch of light beaming through the lacy design.

Tommy Chambers Interiors, Inc..

An elegant master bath is enhanced using a Moroccan-inspired pattern in the customized window. Notice the arch in the custom made vanity — I think this also feels just like Moroccan architecture.

Elad Gonen

I love the dreamy outdoor bed set under legendary Moroccan arches. Notice the tone-on-tone pattern in the tasteful floor tiles.

So sculptural and simple in form, this stairwell proves the power of a good-looking rug. Moroccan-style rugs are so versatile; they are contemporary, rustic or traditional. The patterns are perfect in crimson tones placed against the geometry of these floor tiles.

Filmore Clark

A classsic illustration of zellige-inspired tile. Authentic zellige tile is terra-cotta covered with tooth in the form of chips set in plaster. The designs are traditionally geometrical mosaics, and the tiles are utilized mainly on ceilings, walls, fountains, floors and pools.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

This gem of a powder room is graced with a classic vanity and a pair of petite Moroccan-style pendants. This is a very subtle detail that effectively evokes Morocco.

Filmore Clark

I adore the idea of using decorative patterns on the ground. Here a beautiful encaustic tile (a ceramic tile in which the pattern isn’t a product of the glaze but of different colors of clay) can be used with neutral furniture for a global-modern vibe.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

This classic Moroccan display was sprayed black and white forced into a custom four-poster bed. Notice the fantastic color combination of green and black for this whimsical guest bedroom.

Denilson Machado – MCA Estudio

At first glance this minimalist space doesn’t feel Moroccan at all. But the Moroccan-feel patterned fabric on the ottoman creates an interesting contrast against the sparseness of the room.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

This fantastic space is graced by conventional Moroccan lanterns, a frequent symbol of Moroccan style. These types of lanterns are often stamped tin or metal with colorful glass.

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