Ethnic furniture is the most important and original contemporary trend of recent years. Perfect for any type of home in which to recall the nuances and scents of a distant culture, it manages to create a cleverly balanced mix of lights, fabrics, decorations and inlays.

The Moroccan style, in particular, allows you to take inspiration from a mysterious and fascinating land, whose strength lies in the attention to detail and the revolution of modern interior-design concepts. For the more adventurous souls and in search of the right stimuli for their own relaxation area, the proposals we want to talk about today are the right choice to start from.

From the living areas to the bathrooms, there is no space in the living unit that cannot be enhanced through the use of furnishing accessories far from the western world. Not missing, however, a mixture of the two stylistic realities able to create an immediate glance for the choice of colors and solutions best suited to one’s own ethnic taste.

Moroccan style bedroom: modernity and comfort

Morocco reminds us of changing and dynamic landscapes, spicy flavors and strong aromas, all seasoned with the inevitable use of fabric as a typical and unmistakable piece of furniture. The bedroom is a space in which to look for your own intimacy and comfort zone.

An ethnic bed is usually presented slightly higher than the respective western model embellished by a symmetry of furnishing accessories that recall the nuances. The cushions can be an economic and interesting idea to complete the furniture. The carpet, instead, is the real protagonist, as it enriches the general perception with a decorative solution, typically Moroccan.

The patterns to choose from have floral or animal motifs, in which the subtle lines tend to streamline and exhaust the aesthetic impression that is created in the room.

Interesting the idea of ​​creating a bedside table using an ottoman, to which to combine a slender table with minimal lines on which to rest the bedside lamp and possibly one or more plans (suitable for the bedroom and then at night, please!) , to give a green touch. In addition, baskets, wooden crates or objects in blown glass are perfect for completing empty spaces, giving the idea of ​​an organized environment in which to cram your belongings with order and taste.

Moroccan-style living room: cozy atmospheres over a cup of tea

The Moroccan style allows to visually expand the surrounding space thanks to the use of low sofas – colored and enriched in this case also by matching cushions – and by the presence of central tables on which to rest an ethnic object or a decorated dish. The atmosphere is almost surreal: recalling the warm Moroccan nights, the environment takes on the connotation of “The Thousand and One Night” in which to sip a good tea in bare feet.

Finally, the rug completes the image of softness and order that is transmitted by the white curtains and soft colors used to enlarge the space. Furthermore, enriching the general aesthetics with vases, books or shelves in which to organize one’s objects facilitates the typically ethnic style that one wants to achieve. Also in this case, it is important to look for homogeneity and balance between the decorations of furnishing accessories: opting for a geometric pattern allows you to play with similar shapes and perspectives, thus creating an atmosphere that is pleasing to the eye and well balanced.

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