Nigerian Face mannequin with outstanding tribal marks, Adetutu O.J. who gained recognition when she indicated curiosity in modeling for Rihanna, has outed Instagram comic, Broda Shaggi and accused him of mocking a woman with tribal marks.

In a make-up video that was shared on Instagram, Broda Shaggi is seen making a commentary as a lady with tribal marks had make-up finished on her face to cover her marks and spots.

“God will punish the those who invented make-up,” Broda Shaggi stated because the mannequin was reworked with make-up to the purpose that her tribal marks had been now not seen.

Adetutu O.J., who has been fairly open in regards to the stigmatization she’s suffered resulting from her facial marks, felt Broda Shaggi’s remarks on the video was disrespectful and took to accusing him of mocking folks with tribal marks.

A few of her followers additionally joined in calling the IG comic out. They accused him of including to the stigmatization these with tribal marks undergo.

Adetutu wrote,

you suppose that is humorous? I do know you had been a buddy of my brother, makinde whereas in unilag however I’m mad at you for this sort of joke you suppose you made. Individuals with tribal marks will get to be mocked nearly each time whether or not they prefer it or not and for a make-up artist to hide her tribal marks ; it’s as a result of she needed it or the settlement with the make-up. That woman deserves an apology and this video makes me mad as a result of it’s not fucking humorous.
Individuals with tribal marks deserves to be revered and to not be mocked.
And even when she consented to the concealing of the tribal marks by her make-up artist, you making a joke about it mocks the make-up artist and the tribal marked woman. She may not converse for herself however I’ve stated my thoughts, the video is just a mockery video and it’s not humorous

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