The menu of the canteen this month : MOROCCAN MEAL : Tajine of rooster with olives, dessert Seffa, Tea & Laben Saturday, march 30 from 12: 30 to the Restive in Alès (42, rue du Fbg d Auvergne area) We recall that the cash collected in Canteens with out borders is meant to be paid to individuals who do, and for the overwhelming majority and due to their administrative scenario is irregular, and the chance to work legally, or to gather any social help. This implies on the earth capitalized that everyone knows and all meet could be very troublesome to accommodate themselves, feed the place to purchase any client items of on a regular basis life. The Canteens with out borders are a means out of it collectively, and are organised with the related individuals. They’re additionally a time of assembly, alternate and conviviality.


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