When it comes to Interior design, shades of gray, white, and off white, will probably be the go-to colors. And, it’s fair to say, we favor that clean color scheme. However, every now and then you may find that those neutral colors may be dragging your decor style into boring territory.

So let’s talk color and excitement:

Moroccan style is thought of as exotic — from beautiful hand painted floor tile to luxurious rugs. And it just may be the best design ideas that can liven up your home.

Moroccan décor is an excellent way to add excitement and a desired drama to your décor. Africa is a big influence for this style and uses striking patterns, with lanterns, and sophistication. These design accents have been around for centuries with elements taken from the Moroccan culture, and have made their influence into modern American decor. The Moroccan style is easily incorporated in many of today’s styles of décor and has a flair that is sure to catch the attention of every visitor who enters your home.

Moroccan design is more than just bright colors and bronze pendant lamps. Moroccan style incorporates curved lines, and muted hues with unique shapes, Moroccan decor blends, and meshes nicely with other styles including more rustic design schemes.

Get inspired!

Here are some of the best ideas to implement a Moroccan look into your decor—and you’ll end up feeling like you’re on a permanent vacation.

1. Go Bold With Deep Colors

Create a Mediterranean vibe, by immersing an entire room in deep blues and violet colors. In the kitchen, go with blue hues on the cabinets—along with deep vein marble countertops which will offer a tranquil yet tasteful look. It goes without saying that great design is defined by the details.

2. Moroccan Rugs

Distinctive, patterned rugs are a benchmark of Moroccan decor—Diamond patterns are often seen on Moroccan rugs. They are most famous for the dynamic colors and designs with bold geometric patterns. Today, this style is one of the hottest design trends. Each piece is a small slice of folk art and becomes an heirloom to be passed down for many generations.

Though they only date back to the mid-nineteenth century, These beautiful rugs have withstood the test of time earning their social status within the world of interior design. These rugs have established their influence in western and central Turkish culture during the mid-1800’s. Notorious for their geometric designs featuring bold colorful designs that are very different from traditional Persian rugs. These rugs are great statement pieces that will withstand the test of time and add interest to any décor.

3. Moroccan Flooring

There are several unique ways to brighten your home’s décor without getting away from an existing theme and style. Moroccan style floor tiles afford that perfect opportunity. It is a safe bet to think Moroccan floor tiles have that very prominent Mediterranean influence that just can’t be ignored. Some Moroccan flooring is easy to work with because they come in patterns and with not a whole lot of color. Other Moroccan floor tile styles come with a bevy of bright hues and end up standing out taking the spotlight. Sharp, contrasting colors and bright hues are a very common fixture of authentic Moroccan decor. Moroccan-style patterns on floor tiles are typical and eye-catching in deep hues of navies and whites, blacks and creams.

4. Exotic pendant lighting – Hang a Moroccan-Style Light

Moroccan style lighting is steeped in intricate hand pierced metal screens, lampshades, quatrefoil, trellis, and Moroccan patterns, with symmetrical colored glass and curves. Moraccan lamps draw design inspiration from flavors of Moroccan style that is infused into lighting fixtures and throughout the design, accentuating the inspirations of Africa.

Whether you are looking for a Moroccan style pendant or a Moroccan lamp, either one will add a Moroccan flair to your space. Even the smallest design touches can provide that Moroccan style and feel. Three shimmering pendant lights used as the focal piece of a room to jazz up space, with bright pillows to add a softness and gold accent mirrors on the walls. The three pendant lights will easily transform the kitchen from a traditional space to a bohemian delight. Another classic décor element seen in Morocco décor is metal lamps. Whether they are pendant lamps or lanterns which permits directional light, Moroccan lamps provide a little magic to any room.

5. Add Dramatic Details

Moroccan désign is a style that can be either dialed up or dialed down depending on your own style. If your choice is to be bold, Moroccan décor will permit you to go big or go home. Go with larger, more intricate patterns, with attention-getting colors and flashy shimmering details that are layered on top of each other. Embrace this approach, by utilizing bright patterned pillows, perhaps an etched side table, with vibrant colored patterned rugs that will bring it all together.

6. Add Moroccan Throw Pillows

Moroccan décor s never shy and boldly uses bright colors and patterned prints — these are identifiers of Moroccan style & décor. To add a bit of worldliness to a sofa or bed, bring in colorful patterned pillows for stunning pops of color. Try an L-shaped sofa with sparing use of geometric patterned pillows that will add a Moroccan flair.

A pouf is a Moroccan style and a tradition that serves as a foot-stool or a seating option in a Moroccan style living room. Bring a classic accent to your own living space with a pouf for a perfect addition to your own living room.

Layer Patterns

Moroccan style has no limitations when it comes to patterns. Blend together a mosaic of patterns that contrast without being worried about clashing. For instance, you could layer two different Moroccan-style rugs – one on top of the other, giving it a Moroccan touch. You can also choose one dominant color such as black as a unifier to bring needed cohesion to space with so many patterns.

7. Add A Graphic Backsplash

For a Moroccan touch in your kitchen, install a backsplash that reflects famous tile found throughout Morocco. Colorful markets, busy bazaars, patterned textiles, beautiful mosaics, Moroccan design has a great way of inspiring a desire for something different. For anyone who prefers a road that is less traveled, a Moroccan-style kitchen can satisfy your need for adventure. Tile is a tradition in Moroccan style design that dates back centuries. Glazed mosaics and pattern designs seem to shine against that country’s drab, Mediterranean landscape.

8. Think About Texture

Moroccan design has texture, meshing it into a room with pillows, linens, wall hangings, blankets, and rugs will make a themed visual impact, If you choose Moroccan-inspired tiles in the same color scheme, allowing the texture of the tiles to be the most interesting aspect about the room, which is a great example of permitting Moroccan texture to shine through.

9. Mix in Your Own Style

Moroccan décor offers a carefree way of decorating and mixes well with almost any décor style. It goes nicely with Traditional décor and adds elegance and beauty to eclectic spaces. It doesn’t matter what your personal style of décor is, you can discover a stylish way to add in small touches of Moroccan décor. You can weave together Moroccan elements like a woven lamp, a rug, or pouf adding your own style with pastels, throw pillows and mid-century silhouettes.

Whether you choose to decorate a room completely in Moroccan style décor or incorporate it subtly, it’s a beautiful style to add to any space.

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