Want to give your décor a Moroccan style? Moroccan style nightstand is become trendy in worldwide, especially in the USA and UK.  Just place a Modern solid wood nightstand on your guest room and gives it a rustic Moroccan look.

A bed without a nightstand is just like a raft without mooring. You may think that a nightstand is just a piece of furniture for decoration. Actually, it can be a secret workhouse. Let’s have a look on the top 8 trendy solid wood nightstands of this time.

Top 8 Recommended Modern Solid Wood Nightstand

A nightstand is an important piece of the bedroom which gives a stylish as well as functional addition. Besides this, it serves multiple purposes. Let’s see our top 8 recommended Moroccan nightstand that can make your life an easier

The first thing you will notice about this table cabinet is gorgeous traditional Indian designed. It gives you an ethnic Indian feeling. As the name indicates, it is made of mango wood. However, it comes with a porcelain knob and one magnetic door. The thing we like most is its shelving system which gives a place for plenty of storage. Here are some points worth mentioning about this Snow White Distressed Mango Wood Nightstand End table Cabinet:

More than anything, the sleek and smooth finish makes it one of the admired table cabinets. At the same time, the white look makes it more elegant. Hence, the nightstand is designed in such a way which can add a conversation piece to your office and home.

A simple yet highly functional nightstand is ideal for anywhere in your home. Most of the cases, this masterpiece is used as a room décor. In a word, it’s a magnificent item at a modest price.

Looking for a contemporary nightstand as decorative plates?  Then Modern Solid Mango Wood Nightstand with Glass Door by Moroccan Furniture Bazaar is the best choice for you. Not only decorative plates, they are great for keeping, art pieces, books, and collectibles things.

Here are some points worth mentioning about this nightstand:

The beautiful detail finishing gives an elegant look. The look is contemporary yet so modern. You can keep it on any corner of your household. As we mentioned earlier, it is just L24″ / W15″ / H29″, so you can place it any corner of your home and office.

This great piece of work is made of solid mango wood. As a result, you will get a sleek finish. Thus, the glass door has the great feature like porcelain knob. On the other hand, magnetic door allows you an easy opening. Last one but not least the separate shelving proved space for extra storage. In a nutshell, it’s the finest nightstand just less than 500 dollars.

Love an eye-catching two-door cabinet? Then this Contemporary Solid Wood Double Door White Cabinet Buffet is the best solution for you. Buffet cabinets are mainly furniture pieces which are usually used in the dining room as an additional place to serve food. You can also place it in other areas of the houses.

Thus, this Indian two-door cabinet is crafted by solid mango wood.  Measuring D 30″ / W 15″ / H 32”, it features two-door cabinet for keeping nighttime. However, here are some points worth mentioning about this Contemporary White Cabinet Buffet:

The first feature of this nightstand we like to mention is the glass door which has a porcelain knob. Furthermore, the magnetic door allows easy accessibility. Hence, the included shelving gives plenty of space to put a lot of things. It is simply one of the best nightstand or cabinet on the market right now. What it offers you?

For most people, nightstand is a pretty, transitional design for decorative propose.  But this Casa Moda Solid Wood Nightstand with drawers is more than that. It is actually a Table Lamp Table Drawer with a tiny door.

This rosewood nightstand is a rare combination of beauty and supreme quality. However, this rustic nightstand is a rosewood handicraft. That means it is the homemade item of skilled Indian craftsman and artisans. It comes with one drawer which has matching wooden knobs. Let’s see the product specification of this masterpiece.

The study magnetic door is quite easy to access. Therefore, it will improve your whole decoration and give a rustic new look which will amaze you.

On the nightstand top, people normally like enough space to hold a tine decorative lamp and perhaps a phone or book. It doesn’t actually need too much area.

Casa Moda Solid Wood Nightstand has all of that including a classic drawer and a door. This brownish finish is a versatile color and will be suitable for every corner of your home.

If you are furnishing the guest room or dorm room, you may not interest to spend a fair amount of bucks on a nightstand.  In this case, Top Contemporary Solid Wood White Nightstand End Table bedside table is the choice for you at a reasonable price. Have a look on the product specification of this amazing nightstand:

Adding massive furniture on both sides of the bed make a small room feels awful as well as crowed. That will definitely effect on your relaxing vibe. Instead, a tiny White Nightstand with is much better. Hence, Top Contemporary Solid Wood White Nightstand is also perfect to set on your master bed. It will give you an airier and relaxing environment.

When you look at the nightstand, the very first thing you will notice is its tremendous curved door along with a porcelain knob. Besides this, the drawer has plenty of space to store the silly accessories. 

Fond of Moroccan designed furniture?

Without any doubt, this XL Flower Handpainted Moroccan End Table Night Stand Accent Table will give you that authentic look of Moroccan décor.

One of the gorgeous and treasured forms of the Mediterranean woodwork is this XL Flower Handpainted Moroccan End Table. However, this beautiful nightstand end table is crafted by talented skilled artesian using classic techniques. Table measure L21″ / W21″ / H24″ which makes it so compact to place it any corner of your room.

Most importantly, the hand-painted adds a colorful touch to your décor. Each table is so distinctive and one of a kind. Therefore, this beautiful piece of craft can be used as a lamp table, corner table, end table and much more. The Mediterranean design gives an exotic look.

The vibrant cream vibrant color makes a peaceful environment. In short, it is the best slick compact size end table in price.

Rustic designed Contemporary Top Mango Wood Nightstand End Table Corner Table will just simply blow your mind. To give an elegant yet modern design in your decor, this end table is more than enough. However, it is topped with smooth mango wood which makes it so contemporary.

On the other hand, it is interwoven by hand-painted tiles in the front door and drawer. One of the benefits of this nightstand door is its porcelain knob. The magnetic door is easy to access. Now let’s see the product specification.

The Mediterranean style gives it a simple yet homely look. The wide end table has plenty of storage. Besides this, the pure white gives a bright and friendly look to your room. More than anything, it is excellent furniture under 300 dollars. The thing we like most, its kid-friendly furniture. So if you have kids, this Contemporary Top Mango Wood Nightstand End Table Corner Table is a perfect option. Go grab it from Moroccan Furniture Bazaar.

Our Indian craftsmen apply antique colors to give this Nightstand-End Table a unique style with the shape of Moorish arches. Absolutely, it is one of the finest Moroccan nightstands at recent time. Apart from its elegant look, it can be a useful tool for storage. Have a look at some specification below.

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t contain a huge space but plenty to store essential accessories. At the same time, it’s beautifully carved door makes a rustic look. It is Nightstands with some added security drawer. On the other hand, the drawer comes with a white porcelain knob.

There are really a few ways to be on price without sacrificing design and style. However, you can find out nightstand made of cheap material like MDF or metal, instead of solid wood. In this case, this Beach House Modern Top Sheesham Wood Accent Nightstand-End Table is just superb. Beside this, it is a nightstand with the safety and the elegant design at the same time.

What to consider before buying a nightstand

Here are some essential attributes need to consider before buying a nightstand.

 Height: Try to find a nightstand or table end as tall as the top of the mattress. It will give a constant look as well as a usual look to the surface. We suggest placing the nightstand a couple of inches away from your bed to prevent any accidental collision.

Surface Area: The next thing we should give some focus to the top of your nightstand. It should have enough space for an alarm clock, a table lamp and anything else you like to reach within your bed. So pick a nightstand which has enough space to accumulate some small but important thing.

Storage Space: Nightstand with shelves or drawer allows space to store all the bedside necessities. Therefore, choose a nightstand which has the drawer system.

Materials: Most importantly, the material of the nightstand plays a great role in the feel and style of your bedroom. However, natural solid wood nightstands with distinguished iron or brass hardware enhance a rustic yet modern bedroom.

Color: Most of the Moroccan nightstand comes with vibrant color which gives it an exotic flavor. But keep in mind, the lighter color reflects a pure light feeling while darker colors absorb it. So be careful about color.

Final Thought

You have reached the wrapping up part of this Modern solid wood nightstand article. In summary, we could say, all of these nightstands on our list are crafted with skilled Indian artisan. So gives your décor an exotic look with any of these Modern nightstands.

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