(for 4 people)

500g of white ham 500g of grated Emmental cheese
8 sandwich breads
250g of butter
1l of milk
20g of broken truffles
400g of butter
400g of flour
2g of nutmeg


Melt the clarified butter then brush it over the sandwich bread using a brush before toasting them with a salamander or in an oven at 240 °C. Cut the ham into slices. Mix the broken truffles with the béchamel sauce

Assembling the croque monsieur:

Turn over a slice of buttered white bread on a baking sheet (toasted side on the baking sheet). Spread a thin layer of béchamel, add the grated Emmental and the ham. Cover with a thin layer of béchamel then add the cheese. Spread a thin layer of béchamel on the second slice of buttered sandwich bread (toasted side on the outside) and turn it over to close the Croque-monsieur.


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