With a train of thoughts and a concept in mind, Salsabil-J’s the head designer traveled from Melbourne, Australia to Morocco to display her collection in Casablanca’s Fashion Tex. As the world went into lockdown, which in turn put the launch on hold and rescheduled. The designer found herself in a new environment and a misfortunate situation where some of the precious fabrics were stolen and almost left the brand with no collection. However, The designer had faith, which led her to Rabat Medina’s old walls, pushing open ajar doors. Faith put a seamstress in her path and off cuts of fabrics that danced independently, which composed a beautiful and inspiring collection.

Through this time The designer observed a culture, a juxtaposition of architecture, humans and scents. A contrast between the disadvantage and the upper class, which very much speak the perfection and imperfection. This abstraction and complexity works in easiness and made the collection so unique, the mix of cultures here in Morocco, the richness of this land and that’s what you’ll see in these designs. That contrast was compelling and consistent in the making of the Formality collection. A collection of the finest off cuts in the medina. An aesthetic that represents Salsabil-J’s journey, a union between countries and cultures, and the making of sustainable design that is continuously Salsabil-J’s ethos.

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