The Moroccan kaftan is a worldwide haute garment and extremely fashionable piece exclusively worn by women it’s majorly defined by the hood. A long tunic with long sleeves (can be a little bit shorter), rich designs, and considered the most traditional outfit in morocco.

Whether you’re Moroccan or not, Plan well for your vacation by adding this versatile garment to your summer collection.

Enjoy the power of beating the heat and going creative with the Moroccan kuftan this year.

Here are our precious tips to style your Moroccan kuftan with our selective photos for you:

1- The sheer style Moroccan kaftan

The Moroccan Kaftan is not only for hijabi girls but also for the un-wearing hijab, so it’s a wide-scale opportunity for every woman to add a special touch to the summer suitcase. The Moroccan kaftan can go the same style as a robe with light loose material by keeping its conservative style and it’s a great idea for the unreadable weather. The sheer lightweight one the ultimate piece for the summer with a color of your choice and thank me later! Add your sandal on and enjoy the summer breeze.

2- Moroccan kaftan for everyday

The Moroccan Kaftan is one of the most garments known by the variety of the lengths and outstanding embroidery so no wonders that you can find your favorite charming item. Depending on your personality, go for a formal or casual stylish one also; keep the sense of modernity and etiquette to it. For every day add a feminine touch to get you the soft comfy feeling and to give the look that you admire. The options are endless and you effortlessly style it.

3- Moroccan kaftan sophisticated style

Our picky ladies, welcome! Chill out, this is made for you, for the details lovers. When it comes to the Moroccan kaftan we can’t get enough of details, it’s fascinating how it’s embellished from the cooler to the hemline. Style it with a belt and wrap it around your waist and your heels on.

In some cultures Moroccan kaftan is worn as a wedding dress too, take this as an advantage and get one for special occasions to get the alluring coverage look.

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