A beauty trend by a homegrown artist has been making waves on TikTok, fronting a refreshing take on glowing makeup. Paul Unating is the center of it all, a makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur whoâs based in the Philippines. At just 24 years old, Paul has made a name for himself within the wedding community for his bridal makeup and is stepping into a brighter spotlight having worked with the likes of Jane de Leon, Toni Sia, Anna Cay,and Jinkee Pacquiao.

You may have discovered Paul because of the viral #PaulUnatingMakeupLook, but thereâs more than what meets the eye for this talented and business-savvy artist.

paul unating makeup artist interview

In an exclusive interview with Preview, Paul Unating talks about his humble beginnings, his makeup philosophy, and more.

How Paul became a makeup artist

Paulâs foray into the beauty world started in high school, where at 16 years old, he started doing his classmates’ hair and makeup. “For every school eventâUnited Nations Day, etceteraâI always did my classmatesâ makeup for only 30 pesos,” he shares with a laugh. Although he charged pennies, he said that from that experience, he realized that he could make a living while doing something that he really loved.

Soon after, Paul became a professional makeup artist, gaining a particularly loyal following within the wedding community for his take on bridal beauty. Being that his techniques take to a fresh and glowing style, it felt like a match made in heaven for brides. To this day, Paul is a go-to artist for wedding makeup, and youâll find many of his bridal looks on Instagram and TikTok.

paul unating makeup artist interview

Fast forward to 2022, and Paul has become quite the online sensation, too. Because of his distinct style, his signature makeup started trending on TikTok, with many artists recreating the look themselves. Beauty content creators on the platform such as Lierge Perey, Geraldine Rivera, Miss Nate Makeup,and Kai Javier have already jumped on the trend.

Paul couldn’t deny how surprised he was when he found out that his makeup went viral. “I didnât have an idea at all, I just woke up to thousands of new followers and hundreds of tags and mentions,” he shares. That said, he says he feels incredibly “blessed and grateful” to the artists who’ve recreated his signature look.

paul unating makeup artist interview
PHOTO BY (LEFT TO RIGHT) Tiktok/glambyge, TikTok/pereylierge

The philosophy behind Paul’s signature makeup look

Paul describes his signature makeup look as “fresh, glowing face makeup, with a twist on the eyes.” It references the soft and sweet glamour of Thai-style makeup, which is also Paul’s main inspiration for his work.

For Paul, defining the eyes are “the most important thing.” Indeed, youâll see this in his signature look, which always highlights the eyes through warm-toned eyeshadows, undereye glitters, wispy false lashes, or all of the above.

paul unating makeup artist interview

Another thing thatâs noticeable in Paulâs makeup style is his blush application. “I love using baby pink blush to achieve that demure, young looking face,” the makeup artist shares. He applies blush on the cheekbones and a bit on the bridge of the nose for a natural, youthful aura. A harsh contour is also visibly absent in his work, and that’s because he prefers the face to look more plump and hydrated instead of sculpted.

Once the eyes and skin are done, Paul ends the look with “radiant lips,” or his take on the gradient lip. He starts off with a nude-colored base and fills in the center of the lips with a tinted lip oil.

Overall, Paul’s technique focuses on finding balance. He shares that when applying makeup, whatâs most important is “knowing when to stop or add.” Youâll see this at work in his makeup tutorials, where every step is carefully measured, from the way he applies face priming products to his signature baby pink blushâeverything is built up slowly to perfection.

paul unating makeup artist interview

What’s next for Paul Unating

Paul has an affinity for high-end makeup products, and having tried plenty in his career, he was inspired to create his own line. “I really want to make affordable yet quality products,” he shares on TikTok. Thus, he created Peauty Beauty, a makeup brand that can help anyone achieve the “angelic” makeup look Paul is known for.

Currently, the brand fronts three products: the Liquid Creamy Blush, Tinted Lip Glow, and false eyelashes. All of these are central to the Paul Unating look, hence there almost constantly sold out.

But, beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Paul has his eye on a greater goal: to inspire young, beginner makeup artists. “Iâm so humbled with what is happening to my life now, and I think I need to use this to help other starting makeup artists,” he tenderly shares.

paul unating makeup artist interview

Weâve seen many iterations of the glowy makeup look over the years, but clearly, thereâs something about Paulâs style that makes it stand out. The combination of techniques in his work feels refreshing, because while itâs a notch more glam than the usual “fresh makeup,” it remains innocent and sweet. It’s truly no wonder that young women and brides-to-be dream to sit on his makeup chair.

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