Picture:© MartiniDry/Fotolia Girls with darker pores and skin ought to use golden beige face powder one tone darker than their complexion. Use an excellent darker tone over essentially the most outstanding elements of the cheekbones. The inspiration ought to positively be of the sort that has nourishing properties. When you have darkish eyes and also you suppose they want emphasizing, use brown or light-brown pencil or liquid eyeliner and silver-beige, beige or light-brown eye-shadows. Apply the shadows with patting motions, with out rubbing. Begin by making use of shadows to the interior nook of the attention. Secondly, cowl the eyelid and observe with the outer nook of the attention and the realm slightly below the eyebrow. The shades on the decrease eyelid are utilized final. The shades used on the interior nook of the attention must be silvery beige. They may optically enlarge the attention making it look extra “open”. Use beige nuances instantly beneath the eyebrows and steadily mix them with the almond-shaped light-brown tones used on the lid. The eyebrow

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