In 1967 The Rolling Stones were arguably the biggest band in the world, with Mick and Marrianne the de-facto king and queen of swinging London. Of course it wasn’t all flowers and love on Carnaby Street, so when the Stones decamped to Marrakech Morocco, the whole world took notice.

Seemingly overnight, Moroccan design was everywhere. Inspired by the Stones and others, intricate brass lamps and brightly colored leather pillows made their way into homes around the world, and Morocco style became synonymous with cool.

Of course this wasn’t exactly a coincidence. After all, the Moroccan trend that made its way across the pond was originally designed for royalty… London rock royalty just happened to be the first to make it cool again.

In order to give you a sense of how American architects have interpreted traditional Moroccan homes for a new generation of wealthy socialites, we picked out three jaw-dropping examples currently on the market in Southern California.

Casbah Cove, Palm Desert, California

3 Serene Moroccan-Style Mansions in SoCal
Asking: $16,100,000
Listing Agents: Jacquie Burnes & Ashley Wolf
Listing Brokerages: BIGHORN Properties/Aaron Kirman Group at Compass
Square Footage: 16,000 (12,925 interior + Outdoor living spaces)
All Photos by: Juwan Li, courtesy of Aaron Kirman Group

Inspired by traditional Moroccan Riads (Arabic for garden, Riads were large homes or palaces built with an open central courtyard) this sprawling 16,000 square foot estate offers an intoxicating mix of traditional design and modern luxury amenities.

Painstakingly built over four years with the help of Moroccan craftsmen, Casbah Cove blends seamlessly into the stark desert backdrop of the surrounding Coachella Valley and Santa Rosa mountains. In other words, you don’t have to close your eyes and pretend you’re in Marrakech; the natural beauty on display here fits the home like a glove:

Inside, the views are framed through massive windows and Beverly Hills style floor-to-ceiling walls of glass that open to bring the outside-in. The view from the office is particularly stunning:

Of course with a home like this the devil is in the details, and Casbah Cove certainly doesn’t disappoint when you zoom in for a closer look. Intricate tile mosaics and gracefully curved Moorish doorways frame the views from room-to-room as elegantly as the windows frame the views. …

Did we mention the place comes fully furnished?

11 Clancy Lane, Rancho Mirage California

3 Serene Moroccan-Style Mansions in SoCal
Asking: $2,395,000
Listing Agents: Richard Bartholomew
Listing Brokerage: The Agency
Square Footage: 3,772
All Photos by: The Agency

Over the top in the best possible way, another serene Moroccan home that demanded our attention was actually built by the same artisans & craftsmen who built King Hassan of Morocco’s palaces and the Moroccan Pavilion in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Talk about architectural street cred. …

As expected with artisans of this caliber, the details here are absolutely stunning and might even eclipse those at Casa Casbah. Just check out the detail of the tile work in the hallway. Even the ceiling here is a work of art to get lost in, and this is just a room you walk through to get to the kitchen to grab some snacks for your Netflix binge. …

The colors the designers chose here are also sumptuous and vibrant, with pops of jewel tones offsetting the intricate white tile and marble work.

Once you step outside, the Moroccan details blend in seamlessly with the massive swimming pool, fire pit, and other trappings of luxury California homes. From the right angle, the swimming pool even acts like the reflecting pool at the Taj Mahal. One can only imagine that comparison being made by guests who are not hip to Moroccan architecture.

Like Casbah Cove, you’re also surrounded by stunning mountain and desert scenery. Even better, it comes with part ownership of a 4-acre equestrian & tennis center.

Casa Blanca: 879 Sand Point Road, Carpinteria, CA

3 Serene Moroccan-Style Mansions in SoCal
Asking: $6,895,000
Listing Agents: Daniel Zia
Listing Brokerage: The Zia Group: Keller Williams
Square Footage: 5,656
All Photos by: Keller Williams

If your personal Moroccan home fantasies veer more toward Casablanca than Marrakech, then Keller Williams of Santa Barbara has you covered. That’s because they have the exclusive on this jaw-dropping Moroccan style villa on a stretch on postcard-perfect beach in Santa Barbara.

That means instead of austere mountain views, you’ll get to gaze on the Pacific Ocean from your meditation cushion. From the outside, you also get the soothing minimal white plaster walls, Moorish arched doorways, and graceful lines that make Moroccan homes so coveted in the first place.

The interior is another story. With few exceptions like arched windows and door frames, you get … well, you get the same high-end finishes you’ll get in pretty much any luxury home in California these days. All the better to put your personal stamp on, or better yet, incorporate more modern touches. Of course if you ever want to go full Moroccan Sultan, the option is always there.

That said, there are hidden antique gems with more North African flair in the private community this house is located in. There are tennis courts, a boat ramp, and an absolutely stunning pool house designed by turn of the century architect George Washington Smith.

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