How Modest fashion can master   its space in Morocco?

Modest fashion doesn’t belong to Middle East only.  Modest fashion travels globally without borders , through its exceptional ability to connect cultures and values.

India, China and Turkey assume a relevant role in producing and distributing Modest fashion clothing globally . The mains reasons can be found in its easy sourcing for fabrics, warehouses , better prices and trading experience. Middle Eastern countries, especially those in the GCC , are mostly close to those area with a gate-to-gate access.

But what about North Africa, the Mediterranean area and most in depth the Maghreb region?

In an article published on BAB, a Moroccan magazine edited by the Moroccan press agency, Modest fashion industry in Morocco is not able to establish its working system correctly. How about the causes of this phenomenon ? Limited offer, customers choice and foreign competitors prevent local designers to properly respond to their internal market.  As written in the article, “In 2011 China gathered in 4419 millions of Dirhams against 388 millions recorded in 2001 , while Turkey went from 333 up to 2276 millions of Dirhams and Made in India from 401 to 1151 millions of Dirhams.”

Beyond the figures, reading through the article the economist Omar Kettani advocates for more investments in education in order to nurture creative talents in the field , as he explained in the column  ‘‘Former pour booster le Hijab Made in Morocco’’ ( Teaching to boost Hijab made in Morocco).

Moroccan designers have a huge heritage in handicraft , inspired by local colorful and ancient roots. For example, during Miami Modest Fashion Week in December 2019, we have been captured by the caftans and abaya designed by Nora Sahraoui,  Ceo of Xela fashion brand. A mix of contemporary Moroccan DNA.

Another point to highlight is that Moroccan designers are well established in the Caftan embroidery , as brought to evidence by the two major fashion events in the industry : Caftan du Maroc and Oriental Fashion Show.

Therefore, we are confident that a new wave of creative talents are approaching the modest niche as to respond to their own values and cultural lifestyle.

Modest fashion, or sometimes called “mode pudique” has all the right soft skills to blossom in Morocco…it’s just need to get its hardware ready to boot.

The cover photo for this article was taken in September 2019 during the photo exhibition signed by Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj , at La Maison Européen de la Photographie in Paris.

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