I consider white people get pleasure from cruising. Or one thing regarding a regada.

Equally with:
1) educational toys/software program for younger ones
2) illegal immigrants who mow their specific lawns
3) “connoisseur” fast-food (Islands, Ca Pizza Kitchen, BJ’s, and so on.)
4) normal Bohemian life which require no work
5) the musical “Hire”

you probably did a put up of complete substances however missed Dealer Joe’s.

Love the web site, hold them coming.

how about bikes, or particularly, the journey de france? I do consider white, metropolitan people love the shit away from biking, rather than driving or utilizing normal public transportation.

This listing is actually reflective of liberal white people. Many America white individuals (those simply who primarily reside in suburban fly-over says) would have an enormous cultural disconnect with one among these items.

In any case Asian Fusion meals, David Sedaris, structure, multilingual kiddies?
Possibly in NY, NJ,CT, Ca, and establishment cities throughout The us, however not acceptable to most American white women and men.

Republican states=locations by which white people are typically the bulk, and I can’t take into consideration any pink state by which the standard white particular person would match this itemizing.

What about
1) information groups that learn Oprah publications
2) Oprah
3) Meals Diets

oops, flawed account – a thousand pardons

FUKK U RACIST CRACKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I’ve to state, this web page amuses us to no finish. A few of it I really feel is correct, plenty of it’s humorous, a number of of it’s unhappy on condition that it’s true, however i do consider hands-down probably the most amusing part often if there have been a cousin website “precisely what ______ individuals like”, by which the clean is perhaps nearly any racial distinction (latino, black, asian, and so on.) and there could be bombing threats and protests. Definitely not sure precisely what that each one means, nonetheless it’s humorous as hell.

It’s known as, “having custom.” Possibly different people ought to rip themselves from battling with their household relations lengthy sufficient to savor some.

I consider you can add:
1. Layering clothes
2. The Canadian well being care system
3. Intercourse and the Metropolis
4. Shopping for native
5. Labour Unions
6. Noam Chomsky
7. Residing close to a school
8. Salsa dance / ballroom dancing programs
9. Psychiatrists

I consider you can add:
1. Layering clothes
2. buying neighborhood
3. Salsa dance / ballroom dance programs
4. Karaoke evening
5. residing close to an college
6. The Canadian healthcare system
7. Labour Unions
8. Microbrews
9. Grasp-planned communities
10. Psychiatrists

Precisely how abotu this web page!?! I believe the curiosity on this web site demonstrates white individuals like studying jokes about white individuals!

One other couple of off the highest of my head:
1. Having a poor financial savings value (coming into debt)
2. Complaining in direction of nationwide monetary obligation
3. cost card rewards / frequent flier miles
4. Condominiums
5. scuba

We belief Lisa, Crusing has to proceed that document white individuals like crusing as a result of:

1) Non whites don’t like cruising, in order that they will see it as a result of the final bastion of whiteness.

2) They really feel outdoorsey, even within the occasion their specific crusing that point was to go-down to your YC for drinks and lie up tales for his or her white buddies.

3) They really feel rich by connection.

4) they might fake turning into Livingstone or another white adventurer that truly want to “go on large one”, circumnavigation… ought to be one factor in white individuals’s blood going all over the world and “uncover” should tie straight into the “ethnic meals”/”Japan”/”Solely white” factor.

(by they I imply we)

Uh, #2, Lisa – if you’ll put up reactions right here, shouldn’t you truly know tips on how to trigger regatta?

Hockey isn’t correct in any case for this itemizing… many Us people (incl. whites) don’t care about hockey whereas many Canadians (no matter pores and skin colour) do… however we consider the creator is aware of of this

Two issues that completely is put into document:

1) America Attire, and previously the Hole

2) Chucks (I’m significantly referring to the footwear, although I suppose it could be a reference to Chuck Norris awesomeness jokes)

3) Therapists (moreso than actual remedy – given that it would-be extra indicative of you having an issue having to be labored by way of. Therapists are simply individuals that you just spend $175 one hour to pretty share how precisely to spice up your life)

4) Classic Nike basketball/cross-trainers. Bonus factors in the event that they’re truly from 1992. (The one acceptable sneaker exterior of Chucks)

5) How may you discuss mountain climbing with out speaking about ROCK CLIMBING?!?! (Hey, I’m planning a visit out to the Poconos in a few weeks. I’m speaking about, the wall is nice, however there’s nothing beats real, getting that oxygen, you understand?)

6) by no means tanning (that is subsequently 1998. Do you understand simply what that materials does in direction of pores and skin?)
(or in reality tanning, and mendacity about it)

White individuals CANNOT get an satisfactory quantity of “playdates”…god forbid we be accused of allowing our little ones function freely and (unsafely) inside burbs….we routine the crap concerning our wee individuals, together with when and whom and no matter they play. Broaching a “drop off” play day with one other mother…beware- it is perhaps greeted with astonishment that you just’d hold your little darling within the arms of another mother.

This web page is Nice, nonetheless’ve unnoticed Looking. White individuals, and on no account a lot of the, however plenty of all of them wish to get in contact with nature, and dwell from the land. Alot of tenting happening, and alot or fishing. Many ‘Excessive Sports activities’ by some means soccer isn’t excessive enough?

Additionally, fairplay is huge along with them. Though it’s hilarious to consider they is into enjoying truthful after their historical past, it is nonetheless nicely price noting.

Find it irresistible.

This is perhaps wonderful!!!! I’ve seen disc golf though not the rest.
1) Disc tennis
2) Birding
3) REI vs regional exterior shops
4) Hating Wal-Mart however LOVING Goal.
5) Prairie Dwelling Companion
6) Chacos

Lisa had been almost certainly obligated to take Spanish in public colleges as a substitute of discovering a cultured white particular person’s foreign-language. That’s why she’s perplexed “regada,” that can be Carribean-Jaliscan membership songs, with “regatta,” that can be north Italian for “plenty of sunburned douchebags in footwear.”

Oh, white individuals as well as just like the phrase “douchebag.”

You’re a wizard – and likewise this isn’t a craze! Hey what about this 1:

White everybody loves single moms!

We’re resembling the current day superwoman. However clearly, no physique needs to be one. Apart from me personally! I find it irresistible immensely and I additionally get pleasure from your web site as a lot! Thanks loads and maintain ’em coming.

Add this weblog into listing of issues white individuals like. Do not forget that all white people are embarrassed of being white and likewise this web page gives them with the chance to snicker at by themselves.

Not sure if its in proper right here as a result of like the vast majority of white individuals…. Im lazy.. However IKEA should-be in there..

I’m positively not embarrassed to be white like quantity #36 JD. Maybe you’re only a “douchebag” and that’s the rationale why you might be “ashamed”…

The Regatta is humorous. Okay- let’s talk about intercourse. How about giving dental satisfaction to a girl? A cliche to be certain- extraordinarily white. Rectal intercourse; slutty toys

Please, please, kindly embrace “Sporting Shorts/No Coat/A Quick-Sleeve Tee in Chilly Climate”

Kindly, kindly, kindly put “Sporting Shorts/Sporting a Quick-Sleeve Tee/Sporting No Coat in Freezing cool of Winter”

I’d want actually to decide on “Dangerous BBQ.” I’ve by no means ever been to a white BBQ that seasoning and moisture included.

Simply how is mayonnaise possibly not no 1 on this itemizing???
White everybody loves mayonnaise.

1) these hideous rainbow brite plastic clogs for each by themselves and children, what the h***?

2) these tarps to sling round their necks to carry their kids, it affords that white city tribal really feel. We’re so connected to the earth and ourselves and our kids that we purchased this $80 http://www.mykarmababy.com sling!

3) jogging round almost about infants in wintertime

4) trashing those that take any sort of drugs (“depressed people ought to simply strive tougher”)

5) however at exactly the identical time almost about’s their time and vitality to be depressed, you’d suppose they invented it (“despair is an precise sickness, with treatments, people, need most cancers”)

6) we fancy carrying bracelets and ribbons that display our devotion to important elements

7) and we fancy essential causes typically talking, however provided that everybody is aware of EXACTLY HOW MUCH WE CARE

8) constitution & montesorry colleges! What precisely are they? I don’t perceive. I grew up within the uk by which it had been normal public and even Kiddie Christian Bible Faculty or nothing in any respect. However in DC a lot of the yuppie mothers and dads want are actually residing within the District in order that they don’t should really feel like they sold-out, however take vouchers to acquire their kids into colleges they may almost certainly handle anyway. Unhappy.

9) providing cash to avenue performers, esp. individuals who can be enjoying jazz. Speaking about which, is jazz not on this quantity? Actually? From 30 something Pottery Barn purchaser who picks up “Ella’s Best Hits” on checkout countertop on a whim into “severe” document fanatic who will lecture you all day in direction of deserves of varied pressings, one this actually is for sure. White women and men like jazz!

10) additionally hiphop occasion programs! Simply view In Residing Colour, women and men.

11) geneaology- not completely all white women and men love this. Nobody in my very own family does, thank god. However sure, every time I used to be a public librarian, white women and men moved nuts for this s***! Really a few black people carried out too, however since we had been in Georgia, many performedn’t make use of it too-much, the main points both isn’t right here or maybe can also be miserable to search out your self in.

12) oh sure! Attaching ones self to some sort of tragic cultural final. Males are the worst with this. I don’t often see white women discussing the way in which the Irish/Gypsies/no matter had been persecuted- we don’t consideration, as a result of we way more pushing dilemmas like cleansing the toilet and watching Rock of get pleasure from. Though men- whoa. There is a distinct emotional time period with this problem- I call-it The insupportable Whiteness of Being. Quite a few “individuals of shade” do not perceive it however often the anguish of privilege takes its actual and psychological toll (see # 5). The one strategy to cope is thru the songs of Kanye western.

13) Supid puns. Responsible (see #12).

14) oh yeah and white people apparently like writing lengthy silly suggestions. Sorry and thanks for the web site, it is almost certainly nearly 75% exact however 100% humorous, and I’m right here for the laughs, not merely the perception into simply tips on how to be much less aggravating.

It appears to be like like these kinds of are objects that white women and men like higher in idea in comparison with coaching. Maybe that in and of is a few type of declaration — white people similar to the notion of 1 factor loads higher than its execution.

White everybody loves Kanye Western! Which ought to be added to the listing. So does following overseas kiddies.

St. Patrick’s Day is loads like a further Christmas to white individuals!

White individuals love Polo t-shirts. If a clothes has truly solely Three buttons, a collar, and a tiny animal stitched on one facet of the higher physique a white particular person wants it in virtually each colour, patter, materials possible.

W.P.L. – Snoop D-O-double-G
They suppose that by saying to love Snoop, they are going to be impressing each particular person they meet…particularly black folks. Nevertheless, solely hold these items spit a line from Snoop. ALSO IT CAN’T be a hook.

JD, I for one am maybe not ashamed of myself for being white. Certainly, We don’t perceive anybody who’s ashamed for being white. We’re taught that people ought to really feel chargeable for some factor, however in reality, I don’t consider there are many individuals who do.

i help just a little, irritating white one who likes every part with this document. and he or she suggests me personally that dressmaker toys resembling these by youngster Robotic are broadly well liked by white individuals.

White people like damnitcamn are humorous. Non-white people are marginalized day by day by whites however they break myself up saying that if such and such had been about Asians, Latinos, or Blacks there’s protests and bombs…the dangerous white man. Simply what a moron you might be.

on March 4, 2008 at 1:16 pm whiter shade of pale

Board video games/”recreation nights” — i do consider it’s a somewhat White Factor

Okay – coaching “overseas” and backpacking throughout Europe are primarily privileged white folks traits

I’ve gotta purchase into the fella whom identified that plenty of white individuals love the “concept” of a number of of the recommendations – actually not the actual execution of those – we’re precisely in regards to the look of issues

However we don’t like espresso.

However then once more, my pores and skin is way more pinky-yellowy-orangey…

What a couple of huge increase your voice to Martin Mull and his seminal function on this space within the 1970’s (which was when large Deeana Dors dominated the planet earth, obtainable kids…). Mull’s information included two main statements which have led me again at my journey to senility:
1) White males love an eco-friendly yard, and
2) White people are afraid of laundromats; it is a well-known truth.

As well as really feel there’s some stuff lacking:

weapons/looking (every goes collectively)

nation songs (sufficient stated)

charades/board video games (white people have entire evenings specialised on this stuff!)

Beyonce (my ex’s dad had been white… we glance nothing can beat Beyonce but an analysis ended up being nonetheless made at a while between me personally alongside along with her)

Halle Berry/Tyra Banks (They’re such because the token “scorching” black coloured chicks in modern media – and Beyonce too)

White women and men moreover wish to proceed to “fashionable” areas and inhabit housing developments there (like Northern Colorado plus some locations in Idaho and Utah). They love locations close to to hills to permit them to be concerned in the entire exterior actions reality be informed there. “Outdoorsy” is a really superior phrase white people select to make use of to explain on their very own in personals provides.

Blogs? Just like this. White people can’t do with out posting blogs to no-one really about their specific views on stuff just like the warfare, devices and all kinds of different issues .

I can be a white girl and I like Dansko clogs( ideally teh individuals seem like mary janes), minor floral photographs, basic pyrex bowls, and placing on an apron every time I prepare dinner. As well as love having fun with songs written and sung by homosexual guys and speaking to my cat.

Often we stir cake batter in a pyrex dish whereas utilizing an apron with a small-scale floral printing and dansko clogs, after I hear The magnetized Fields and even the Smiths and toss the occasional opinion to my cat.

Many white women additionally love Jane Austen.

Can I humbly add: “Pretending is Native American someplace of their specific heritage” on document?

white individuals LOVE to only take on the net quizzes. “we discovered lots about myself!”

I’m gonna place one collectively which in line with this website to ensure that We and all my white buddies can decide so simply how white we’re.

(I’m actually not planning do that as i’m far too hectic with my volunteer work & the Sunday NYT design part. But when I had been it would look like this: price your self on a scale of only one – 5, 5 turning into i tremendous idenitify with that assertion for the ‘white women and men like’ statements. then have truly humorous classes people fall into)

introspection, being painfully self-aware: we congratulate one another and ourselves for navel-gazing that is something close to narcissism.

White everybody loves Fb, nonetheless MySpace.

I have to concur — white individuals actually love crusing.

White people as well as love museums, monuments, making spherical lists of their planners, hating report dishes and crossbred canine, for instance. the Puggle.

As a minimum, this is perhaps in my expertise.

Tx Maintain ‘Em…and poker tournaments generally. Notably when there clearly was a purchase in and at some dudes residence. Oh..and British comedy.

@ 78 MW

I’ll must agree with you regarding the infatuation with Beyonce.

We often promote jewlery at a high-end retailer and I can’t let you understand how many white women would are available, ask to see a set of chandelier earrings, place them of their ears, and ask “Do We look like Beyonce?”

Simply had a dime for each single time I needed to know this . . .

The place might be the web website for what Ebony everybody loves? This humorous…what’s odd is I like a number of of these issues too…and I’m Ebony! So What Does that imply…

This document might be the story of me and all my buddies.

No one cares simply what the white women and men in flyover says like.

“The liberal-arts” – if there have been ever such a factor whiter than spending 100okay of your mother and father cash to review a topic that assure you merely a lifelong ambiance of pretension and a necessity to expend MORE of your mom and father cash to return to varsity later to get a correct diploma, we ain’t seen it.

OH and carrying sweatshirts with shorts and flip flops!!

and Beer Pong!!!!!!!!

How will you overlook Beer Pong!!!!!

This actually is subsequently humorous, however i consider Yoga needs to be added to this quantity!! In addition to the espresso one is subsequently acurate. Moreover, being known as a “valley lady” could also be an insult to a girl externally every time she privately understands she loves it! OMG, me personally? Not A Manner…

My Dominican buddy requested me per week in the past “why do white individuals put (potato) chips on their sandwich?” Proper earlier than we dropped out of my seat laughing there clearly was a cut up second the place I used to be surprised. I occurred to be uninformed this was a racial challenge. I consider this weblog is the proper vacation spot to discover whether or not this can be simply somthing white women and men like.

Correct spelling. Regada? Critically left shoreline. East shoreline can be sausage maybe not sushi.


I’ve some. Jesus, haha, this whole document is me and everybody I do know. I’m possibly not white, it’s the lifestyle, maybe not the pores and skin shade, that you just’re talking about right here. And yeah, given that good sense, I’m the whitest particular person beforehand.

I don’t observe people can discover this offensive, simply because it applies to them. It completely pertains to me, but it surely’s merely hilarious to study this weblog and understand precisely how alike everybody else I am certain occurs to be.

@31… “Hating Walmart however having fun with Goal”

An individual is composing this web site about ME!
however severely the “hating walmart however loving goal” factor is superior actual.
moreover, expensive juices. Like odwalla, nude, growth, bolthouse amenities. Nevertheless jamba as a result of they make the most of styrofoam.

white women and men like black women and men. everyone knows they require help in turning into extra like usa

hawaiian print tops and “grasp free” hand indicators in hawaii…the extra daring individuals will endeavour and chat in damaged english.

Extra recommendations, in no specific buy:

1 Vacation spot weddings. The difficulty and, if a tropical location, the disgrace related to the bride-to-be in a bikini ensures simply buddies, maybe not household (and significantly mother and father), will attend. White people don’t like members of the family related to their family members gatherings.
2 Hypnobirthing. All social forex of regular childbirth, absent the ache. Waterbirthing is an in depth second.
Three Running a blog.
Four discussing race/ethnicity as “____ individuals”, not “_____s”. E.g. “white individuals”, never-never NEVER “whites”.
5 Ecotourism. After that, after the journey’s over, getting cynical about any of it and telling buddies the way in which you felt you carried out much more hurt than good trampling all-over these dangerous penguins’ nesting causes.
6 Certification. Honest Commerce, Oregon Tilthe Pure, Bishram Yoga, no matter.
7 Sluggish Meals.
Eight Composting. a trick — we’re not actually into composting; it’s additionally filthy for our clear white arms. However we’ll inform buddies we now have “simply begun a bin” to one-up all of them on our eco-consciousness.
9 “Supporting an underlying trigger” whereas not outright donating. We white women and men want something for our “presents”, be it a Sierra Membership canvas case or a Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars CD (I’m having fun with mine presently). Then our colleagues will dsicover precisely how good we’re with out usa having to carry it up in dialog.

I’ll embrace for 8 (overhead) — simply because we actually do compost, it’s not prefer it’s very laborious to do.

White people fancy:
ocean mammals
pretending turning into Irish
beauty surgical procedure
European nations, the ancestral residence of white individuals

As a White man who likes basically 75% of the merchandise on itemizing, we humbly supply a number of model new suggestions:

The Time period ‘Mainly’
The Comb-Over
Conventional Songs
Keith Olbermann
Matt Damon
The Dave Matthews Band
70’s soft-rock (Seals & Croft, Gerry Rafferty, Chicago)
Comedian Books
Norman Rockwell (My Grandfather is definitely in simply one among his work)
Star Wars/Star Trek/LOTR
The Discovery Channel
Khaki Pants

Spam White everybody loves Spam
Moreover they fancy tragedies
Hell heres an inventory of recommendations since I’m at present began
1.Voting(telling different people in regards to the significance of it ….)
3.Hollister/American Eagle/ambercrombie
4. Actuality
5.Restricted Version product
6.Speaking regarding the climate
7.Disney/Disney World/land and all Disney providers and merchandise
8.Black information anchors
9. preserving endangered/outdated buildings,parks and the like
10.public trials
12.Touching black/kinky locks
13.New Stability footwear
14.British accents and people connected to them
15.Shopping for America made providers and merchandise
16. Flying American flags
17.Niagara Falls
18.Wayne Brady
19.Going to comedy applications that includes black coloured performers
20.Adopting children of differnt occasions and so Angelina and Brad
21. Visiting The Dentist…………
……..the quantity continues
As well as nice web site

The Amish, Vintage equipment, Apple/Pumpkin/Berry selecting, Aromatherapy, B & Bs, Ceramics, Fusion delicacies, natural medicines, Residence perfumes, Indoor flowers, globally introduced in OR domestically grown up meals, Jeopardy!, Kama Sutra, Residing throughout the road to a homosexual couple, Uncommon publications, native dialects, Scrapbooking, quiet disapproval, Stemware, Stress administration practices, Taking time on their very own, The phrase nouveau.

Spam White everybody loves Spam
They even fancy tragedies
Hell heres a listing of suggestions since I’m at present began
1.Voting(telling different individuals in direction of significance of it ….)
3.Hollister/American Eagle/ambercrombie
4. Actual Life
5.Restricted Version product
6.Speaking in direction of local weather
7.Disney/Disney World/land and all Disney objects
8.Black information anchors
9. preserving endangered/outdated buildings,parks and the like
10.public research
12.Touching black/kinky tresses
13.New Stability sneakers
14.British accents and those connected to them
15.Shopping for America made providers and merchandise
16. Flying United States flags
17.Niagara Falls
18.Wayne Brady
19.Going to comedy applications that includes black coloured performers
20.Adopting kids of differnt occasions and thus Angelina and Brad
21. Going to the Dentist…………

1.Voting(telling different people in direction of significance of it ….)
3.Hollister/American Eagle/ambercrombie
4. Actuality
5.Restricted Version merchandise
6.Speaking in direction of climate situation
7.Disney/Disney World/land and all kinds of Disney providers and merchandise
8.Black information anchors
9. Saving endangered/outdated buildings,parks and stuff like that
10.public exams
12.Touching black/kinky tresses
13.New Stability footwear
14.British accents and other people mounted on them
15.Shopping for American made objects
16. Flying United States flags
17.Niagara Falls
18.Wayne Brady
19.Going to comedy applications that includes black coloured performers
20.Adopting kids of differnt occasions and subsequently Angelina and Brad
21. Going to the Dentist…………
Spam White individuals love Spam
Moreover they fancy tragedies

The Amish, Vintage fixtures, Apple/Pumpkin/Berry choosing, Aromatherapy, B & Bs, Ceramics, Fusion meals, Natural dietary supplements, Residence scents, Indoor vegetation, Internationally imported OR domestically grown meals, Jeopardy!, Kama Sutra, Residing next-door to a gay couple, Uncommon publications, native dialects, Scrapbooking, quiet disapproval, Stemware, Stress administration methods, Taking time on their very own, The phrase nouveau.

We actually ought to not commemorate white people as they’re the bane for the world’s existence. Please cease being white and work out certain to acknowledge that each one these things immediately manages to lose its worth (although most of it sucked to start out with) on condition that the whites acquired their specific on the job it.

on March 4, 2008 at 4:59 pm methodology to into my automobile

Ooh, yeah, questionaires, that and customer support research, a complete subset unto it self. This hits on a number of “white” nerves, the pleasure of informing somebody the way in which we really feel (in all probability dates again to unfeeling, uncaring mothers and dads), silent disapproval (typing shouldn’t be actually that loud, even when finished emphatically), and voting, one other virtually all-white job.

That’s, till Obama. Many thanks, Obama, when planning on taking a virtually excellent, all white, principally male job and giving the best minority on the market the very same feeling of delight we now have for deciding on the decrease of two evils (leaves me personally again at Starbucks, drawing air by way of my enamel making an attempt to puzzle out how faggy my espresso order goes to be immediately).

Each time do I get to typically share my barely personalized late-model German sedan?

One more! How in regards to the small Darwin Fish factor on the vehicles.

on March 4, 2008 at 5:01 pm methodology to into my automobile

Don’t overlook Saying Irish Historical past. Particularly in March, to permit them (okay, me personally) to really feel ethnic. No matter which means.

saying you possibly can’t be racist since you’ve got truly a black good friend

It’s “regatta” maybe not “regada.” White everybody loves cruising however we understand ideas spell the phrases.

A few suggestions:

1. Saying minute native American ancestry, typically expressed as an absurd small fraction like, “I’m 1/32nd Cherokee to my mom’s facet.” Be aware: It’s all the time a large and common tribe. Tribes similar to the Sioux and Apache which “fought the person” are typically really fashionable, nonetheless the harmless sufferer standing for the Cherokee is equally acceptable.

2. In the identical vein, selling Leonard Peltier.

3. Pattern From The Machine. Communo-anarchistic multi-millionaire muscians are sometimes cool, particularly being that they’re again collectively.

4. Che. Each white scholar has truly their Che part. This can be exercised by placing on Che T-shirts and carrying Pink Star neck baggage. Precise understanding of the Cuban Revolution is irrelevant.

Cellphone me personally what you’ll, however i do consider this web site is solely as dangerous as each different racist website round. The idea behind racism is making blatant stereotypes a couple of staff of parents primarily based on solely color of their pores and skin…how is it any totally different? Each white one who options talked-about precisely how hilarious that’s, and simply how they “hate being white,” is doing so as a result of they know that objecting to this web site will deem all of them a “racist,” which is each white particular person’s greatest concern.

I’m a white female, and I additionally ‘m going to study overseas in Southern Africa while you take a look at the Fall. I actually like meals from different nations, and I need bilingual younger ones as a result of I believe it is ignorant and boastful of Individuals within the us to consider they only want to talk English. I like non-profit firms since they help women and men (of the entire races). I like espresso, sushi, and yoga…and i am really fascinated about studying about different nations (although I’ll by no means declare to-be knowledgeable to them). I’d personally need to keep due to the liquid as a result of i consider it is peaceable and I all the time swim. I choose variety as a result of I believe mastering from all types of various varieties of individuals is a crucial a part of how we makes the world a much more good vacation spot. My mothers and dads drive a Toyota Prius. I assist Barack Obama as a result of i consider he’s a “change we’re capable of consider in.” I’ve some black friends who, whereas I like all of them dearly, I usually do, to be very truthful, really feel similar to I must have beside me to turn out to be acknowledged by specific teams of parents. This wonderful website number of tends to make myself really feel which means even moreso, if I’m turning into judged by the color of my dermis that means.

However, we don’t specifically like fashionable furnishings, and I don’t suppose I’ve ever earlier than threatened to go to Canada. (Although presumably immediately i must to make use of harder to make certain to fulfill my white label.) I don’t even know simply who Michael Gondry is, and humanities levels usually are not really my factor. We don’t hate my mother and father, i like having a TV, and I additionally don’t snowboard. I’m possibly not an enormous lover of hashish (or public radio for example) and I’m fairly certain I’ve by no means made anybody really feel dangerous about going exterior.

Let me know i am that means as a result of I’m white, as a result of Im privileged, I don’t therapy. I am not claiming to be a saint; I don’t declare to-be totally immune to racism; no physique is ideal. Precisely what I’m saying is, I get the thought. And I additionally don’t prefer it. I actually consider throughout the human race, which web page (although go forward and indulge yourselves on condition that it’s no-cost handle) is counterproductive. We refuse to apologize for colour of my dermis, and suggest all people on this web page do the identical (white, black, purple, blue, yellowish, no matter).

Oh, and I additionally fancy hockey additionally. GO UNH!!

Cellphone me personally what you must, however i do consider this website is equally as dangerous as nearly any racist web page these days. The concept behind racism is making blatant stereotypes a couple of small grouping of parents in relation to solely the color of those pores and skin…how is that this any numerous? Each white particular person who options talked about simply how hilarious that is actually, and precisely how they “hate being white,” is barely doing this since they understand that objecting for this web page will deem them a “racist,” and that is each white particular person’s greatest fear.

I can be a white female, and I ‘m going to study overseas in Southern Africa in Fall. I favor meals from different nations, and I need to have bilingual kids as a result of i consider it’s ignorant and boastful of Us people to suppose they only want to speak English. I like non-profit companies since they help individuals (of ALL races). I like espresso, sushi, and yoga…and i am truly fascinated with studying about different nations (although i will by no means ever declare to be an professional in it). I’d personally like to remain due to the liquid as a result of i consider it is peaceable and I additionally all the time swim. I like selection as a result of i do consider discovering from plenty of totally different types of women and men is a necessary a part of the way in which we are going to make our world a much more unified spot. My mother and father drive a Toyota Prius. We assist Barack Obama as a result of i do consider he is a “change we may belief.” I’ve some black coloured friends who, whereas i actually like all of them dearly, I generally do, turning into somewhat truthful, really feel similar to I must have with me to be accepted by sure units of individuals. This website sort of tends to make me personally consider means even moreso, if I’m turning into judged due to the color of my dermis on this method.

However, we don’t significantly like fashionable furnishings, and I don’t suppose I’ve beforehand threatened to go to Canada. (Although maybe immediately i must to strive tougher to make sure to meet my white stereotype.) I don’t know whom Michael Gondry is, and humanities ranges usually are not really my factor. I don’t hate my mothers and dads, I like having a TV, and I don’t snowboard. I’m maybe not a big fan of hashish (or normal public radio for example) and I’m satisfied I’ve by no means ever made anybody really feel dangerous about going exterior.

Let me know I’m this manner as a result of I’m white, as a result of i can be privileged, I don’t consideration. I’m not claiming to-be a saint; We don’t declare to-be completely proof against racism; no-one is right. Precisely what I’m saying is, I’ve the aim. And I don’t get pleasure from it. In my view in human race, and likewise this web site (although go forward and indulge yourselves as a result of it’s no-cost speech) is counterproductive. We refuse to apologize the color of my pores and skin, and advise everybody on this web site carry out some similar (white, black coloured, purple, blue, yellow, no matter).

Oh, and I like hockey too. GO UNH!!

Nearly all of the issues with this itemizing are both useful to the complete world, neighborhood, your head, one’s coronary heart or simply primary enjoyable…I don’t know why it is thought of a story. Simply who started this document a person who isn’t white? The explanation why? to start just a few extra unneeded hostility?

White everybody loves Bob Marley’s ‘Legend’ CD. it’s presumably the one reggae CD some personal.

140 Jenny:

People as you plus the self-righteous, indignant mindset of your put up is why this weblog is actually so extremely humorous. The unintended comedy of posters such as you get this to weblog that a complete lot extra hilarious.

I am going to embrace one other advice honoring Jenny:

5. Full failure to determine obvious satire.

1. visiting the health club
2. ladies’s teams
3. Barnes and Noble
4. the inventory trade
5. complement infused water / smartwater

146 Matthew:

A few issues. First, I’m maybe not self-righteous. I merely have self-respect. Can or not it’s incorrect is glad with myself how I’m? I nonetheless will not apologize for maybe not feeling dangerous in regards to the shade I occurred to be produced with. And like I stated, I get it–however we don’t prefer it. We don’t worth stereotypes about any staff, for clarification, in any kind–not additionally satire.

I don’t declare that these particular issues aren’t true of some proportion of white people. I solely genuinely consider that this web site, it doesn’t matter what satirical its, is (like We stated earlier than) counterproductive.

Within the phrases of a black coloured man whom We admire very a lot:

“Darkness can’t drive out darkness; solely mild can try this. Hate can’t drive out hate; simply love can carry out that.”

That is merely not love.

White everybody loves bumper stickers.

White people can even stand in outlines for no purpose besides {that a} line has truly created.

6. Taking life far too severely.

7. Self-righteously saying to not ever be self-righteous.

I counsel you retain publishing Jenny, it’s individuals as you that produce this weblog precisely what it truly is, far more than the blogger.

How is the weblog medical? I believe you is perhaps utterly reducing all people of white-skin colour into one amalgamated staff. Take into consideration Australian, British, French, Scottish, Irish, Norwegian cultured white individuals. I agree together with your website while you take a look at the context of middle-income group north American women and men. The very fact the weblog is dependant on a ‘race’ that doesn’t even happen is fairly low and on the rear of as an concept. It will seem that you just merely want a justification to rant about points search for ridiculous. Individuals typically should cease taking by themselves severely, however there’s nothing incorrect with turning into, vegan, having a water container or studying arts and practising Buddhism.

1) “Struggle Membership” White people are enthusiastic in regards to the reality that their specific resides are means too sophisticated and revolve round supplies and information, in order that they actually select the $30 distinctive model related to the Struggle Membership DVD (and place it in an Ikea DVD shelf).

2) “The Kite Runner.” That is mainly the final word “final e-book I learn” response for many white women on eHarmony.

3) way more usually– “Mentioning the strategy that you just learn the e-book a film depends on.”

This web site is hilarious. Should you’re offended, you are taking your self a lot too actually.

White everybody likes to share with you they’re 1/18 Scottish, 1/Eight German, 1/Three Hungarian to sound just a little extra “unique.”

White individuals additionally need to view movies and television reveals about black individuals like Run’s residence, Taste of Love, and so on and discuss to you want they’re down aided by the homies.

This web site is hilarious. Should you’re offended, you’re taking your self too severely.

White individuals love to tell you that they’re 1/18 Scottish, 1/Eight German, 1/Three Hungarian to sound a tad bit extra “unique.”

White people moreover love to observe movies and television reveals about black people like Run’s residence, style of like, an such like and converse to you want they’re down with the homies.

And a good friend wish to know the place PBS is…

Having Mexican nannies drive their specific little blond kids round in Cadillac-ish contraptions known as strollers…

Sooo need to learn:

1. Any sport/exercise that wants tough, in depth gear and colour-coordinating ensembles. Biking is an excellent instance. Possibly even spin course, b/c likelihood is they don’t want to fret about pores and skin most cancers, traces and wrinkles, solar hurt, and so on. Solely look in the latest Nike catalog for instructions. Pilates issues additionally, on condition that it’s unique ($$$), typically requires some personal courses to prep for an viewers/class.

2. Attire. Kindly discuss with InStyle or any imprinted information containing star billboarding.

3. The low-carb exercise.

4. Feng shui. it’s soooooo spiritual.

5. Mini-library of coffee-table publications. Consists of some collector’s classics too. Bukowski and Goethe important!

Superb web page. The only evident omission I see often white people all give consideration to themselves professional skilled photographers, and undoubtedly black-and-white is when da hood at.

This possibly the very best actually internet log that i’ve ever earlier than already been additionally. However I’ve one other, white individuals like to personal their specific ft away. Sandals, travelling barefoot always, and so on…..White individuals similar to to point out their specific ft. Keep on with the great work.

Out of this website I’m studying tips on how to turn out to be an much more legit white particular person. I’m so joyful you produced it. I’m succesful slot in higher with different white people i’m conscious. Together with, I had no concept there have been steel water bottles! Each time carried out these come-out?

White people like going to gallery areas and artwork walks.

White people resembling the newest weight loss program and bodily health fads.

White individuals like investing a ton of money to their look to seem all-natural and aren’t making an attempt means too laborious.

Which is kinda the inspiration of all of the humor on this website.

151 Jenny

Actually, shut up. Should you uncover this web site fashion of disagreeable to white women and men, actually powerful titty. Oh expensive, it should be so very laborious being white and reaching an ironic website make pleasing of your custom passive aggressively. Must be reeeeaaaallllly laborious. Come put up once more in case your race is systematically oppressed. Like, for realsies. Not on the web.

Additionally, i do consider it’s really fashionable which you talked about the battle for the man you so proudly quoted. Oh! Thank God you quoted a black man! I do consider we wouldn’t have taken you severely within the occasion that you just hadn’t! Too dangerous you’re additionally narcissistic to grasp you’re virtually the fitting illustration of cross-section this web page reveals.

Obsessive self examination as a means of absolution.

With self-depreciating laughter.

And figuring out one’s self through obscure/ironic/unique cultural suggestions to deflect disgrace about privilege.



Take into consideration spelling your kids’ very first names numerous in order that they’re a selected? Like within the place of Brian, you spell Bryen, or Briann.

Oh wait….thats black coloured people. incorrect web page.

Nice God!!! 176 posts (so far) on March 4th!

What about posting blogs? Apparently white women and men can’t get sufficient of operating a weblog. Or publishing to blogs. I suppose since I’m publishing to a weblog (and I’m white) I’m dangerous aswell.

Any person might need already instructed this however there’s completely no means I’m gonna learn Three million plus reactions to a weblog about issues white people.

More than likely additionally means no physique will test this out response. Oh nicely. Supplied personally i believe as if I’ve contributed meaningfully to group, my job’s finished!

Frisbee is important.

Don’t know-how you’d work it in however snubbing the Hole and secretly placing on their denims is a priority.

World heating: my god we like to discover the tragedy of worldwide warming and “what must be finished [by other people] about it”.

Classical guitar; professional normal white women and men can carry out jammin’ Bob Marley covers!

Revealing fond reminiscences of a while body (in all probability Mardi Gras in college however they’ll name it a “conventional Cajun celebration”) spent in New Orleans.

167 Brade began utilizing it precisely acceptable.

And so maybe you’ve got, well-done! Absolutely the magnitude of silly those that have misunderstood your entertaining current and railed from this weblog is proof that you just’re performing an incredible deal proper.

We simply match into just about with 80% for the document but it surely doesn’t point out i must get offended, upset, in addition to rework my means. It’s sort of fine to understand that whereas I spend an incredible deal time bitching concerning how unoriginal a lot of the women and men round me personally are, the truth that somebody can nail me personally with this particular itemizing suggests I’m equally unoriginal. I’m moreover one thing of my setting, and possibly i must cease being so hypocritical.

Jenny, you simply acquired all aggravated since this weblog is actually spot-on. To have the ability to make pleasing of your self is necessary and never essentially counterproductive.

As a component notice, i truly do agree with each one who’s saying this itemizing doesn’t join with white people, however liberal and comparatively rich white individuals. Nevertheless, should you change the phrase “white individuals” with “liberal and comparatively wealthy white individuals” every time the phrases happen within the weblog, it could lose most comedic price.

Okay permits transfer forward immediately a put all of it into catagories,

Gadgets that make them seem sensible/esteemed.Colledge edumacation even from a tech faculty

Issues that make them seem rich/bling ingredient. 22″s concerning prius, gucci/luie baggage

An understanding of present affairs/traits. “Nice Nelson Bubble lamp chad”

Issues that be sure that they’re seem wellness concience. Gyms/Bottled H2O

Tech data. Iphone

Sports activities. Whats MotoGP???If takes a number of ball they often have No clue.

The Arts. Writing phrases all-over hand art work is actually not artwork until your mame results in basquait.

Consuming custom. actual taverns don’t promote stella women….

Vacationing/Summering at. Hamptons want I say extra.

One thing that scares them. not the fitting facet of metropolis.

Dangerous Promoting. McDonalds provides??

Eating places/Take out
non of them ever prepare dinner until they have been decreased course a watch nascar

I’m merely providing one among these for each you’ll be able to do the rest have enjoyable and undoubtedly embrace your catagories whilst you see match….

Jenny, m’expensive, what you must apologize for may be your sadly missing humorousness.

Paste journal is extra this type of white than Rolling rock.

Closing put up:

175 Ari
1) we by no means ever even tried to match the precise state of affairs of a privileged white particular person to in comparison with oppressed people. So have that straight.
2) I identified that MLK was black coloured PURPOSELY to level my very personal little bit of sarcasm, so it’s you that performedn’t have it now.

Usually: We’ve got said my OPINION–I disagree using the existence with one of these weblog–and I actually don’t care simply what any of you could say about it. We by no means ever tried to cease you from composing any of this (as I stated, keep it up on-line running a blog!) I simply desired to point out my perspective, that I’ve now finished. I’m joyful i presumably may improve the comedic worth of this web page.

“White Individuals Love Turning into Spiritual Not Non secular”

“White Individuals Love Flip-Flops Irrespective Of the weather”

Cosmetic surgery
Saying ‘Howdy’ in Spanish
Candle lit eating places
Being very first at something

The WCLU will submit go well with using the Supreme Court docket (which was white a lonnnnnng time in the past.

Precisely what white people like:

– learning the chart worldwide and saying quietly to on their very own, “we rule it & there’s bugger all the remainder of the world can do about it”.

– controling over 90% of this worlds big selection

– turning into accountable for almost all of the trendy day that everyone right here takes for supplied

– being able to easily take these kinds of satire web sites inside their stride

– getting the capability to anhilate any staff or nation that mainly pisses white individuals off

some younger white individuals (esp. women) like utilising the phrase “like”, they use it in virtually each sentence

I actually hope you’re doing add ’70s rock. It amazes myself precisely what number of white women and men know all precisely the identical obscure teams and singer-guitarists from age, although it completely was years earlier than their time.

And I additionally suppose “enjoying your guitar” also needs to be on the itemizing if ’70s stone is– ’70s rock is why many white women and men play the electrical guitar, or need they carried out.

Niggers, Jews, Homosexuals, Arabs, Chinks, Gooks, and Spics, all should fucking get!

1. Xmas Playing cards (Most notably ones with these obnoxious letters about how nice their household is)
2. SUVs
3. Tenting
4. Sitcoms
5. Guide Golf equipment
6. Biking
7. Different White women and men understanding their specific heritage (I’m Irish, and so on.)

1) Rain… they merely find it irresistible…dancing on it, feeling it clear over them….I swear they suppose they’re nearer to nature
2) Oprah…they solely love the girl

They apparently like these puffy vests loads. Umm howdy, my arms have cool too, it’s not like they’re resistant.

pretending to like nature however inflicting virtually the entire air air pollution and beating themselves up about it and experiencing dangerous about any of it and making reveals about how exactly they need to really feel accountable about this and compensating by way of the usage of simply all-natural objects like bottled water and making the landfills larger the the empty bottles, commercial infinitum.

Utilizing sandals [like Birkenstocks] & wool garments collectively.
On a chilly day.
Often with a Starbucks cup at hand.
Additionally worn often with quick pants and a sweatshirt.
Preferrably khaki cargo quick pants and a school/college emblem on sweatshirt. Or scorching emblem design. Yoga pants with scorching written throughout the butt.
Gigantic sun shades [MUST be designer].
Gigantic purse.
Hair tied in a messy knot.
Working their specific SUV.

This web page is improbable! I must acknowledge that at one level in my very own life, We myself was embarrassed to-be white and I additionally coined myself a “wigger”. I occurred to be “that white lady” inside staff… it completely was pleasing for a while, however merely turning into which and what you are is a lot better. No One talks about you humorous while you chat 🙂

P.S. I do consider most white females need their specific “picket fence” life. You all know what I imply…

Oh, and you must add stupid-looking crossbreed automobiles into the listing (sorry if it was said beforehand).

its type of unlucky how racism occurs to be turning in direction of whites.

I’m speaking about again in your day our fucking ancestors had been retarded and did shit to blacks that can be definently possibly not okay.

Merely a notion, hope this shit doesnt return.

Males get them to look “Powerful and Distinctive”.

Gals get them to seem like a tramp. Specifically on the decreased backs. Sorry women, however individuals do name all of them, “Tramp Stamp”.

Are you able to add Passive Aggression on listing. White individuals love passive aggression.

BUMPER STICKERS. white individuals defend each inch of their bumpers with stickers supposed to point Who They Are (and likewise How Humorous and Subversive they have been).
Most frequently the stickers consultant:
1. insults focused at numerous different drivers (PG-13 at a lot of the)
2. difficult governmental statements – heavy paradox necessary
a movement of assist for troopers, manatees and even the earth as a complete
3. title or emblem of their youngster’s $40,000/yr elementary faculty

2. informing each particular person precisely how that time they noticed radiohead modified their life

3. french new wave movies

4. celebrating the act of committing suicide

5. converse all stars

Nice web page! Sidesplittingly humorous! Please add:

– permissive parenting (ie not ever desirous to self-discipline spoiled brats who will develop turning into ineffective good-for-nothings)

1. Consuming on holidays to be able to keep away from households
2. Dave Matthews Band
3. Remembering (honoring) victims of genocide
4. Driving on Sunday to “see the leaves” within the nation and shopping for baked objects from locals which have actually stands privately related to roadway – and having nice worth for the Amish
5. Upholding practices whereas acknowledging their patriarchal origins (like asking permission to marry your lady) “ha ha, my fiancee requested my mothers and dads for his or her true blessing, but it surely’s not like my dad is the proprietor of me…ha ha”
6. Hyphenated manufacturers

It’s worthwhile to add SCUBA diving on quantity. It’s positively one thing thrown on the market to “one up” buddies… until the plunge, additionally.

Might this be anymore completely white? An exceptionally expensive espresso machine-made to buy in Seattle, with attention-grabbing ‘design’ and ‘aesthetics’? Evaluated with phrases like “rhapsodic coffee-geek argot” and utilized at a hip Manhattan cafe? (may i get one?)

1. Ugly, package deal automobiles (ie. Nissan Dice, Honda Factor)
2. Sarcasm
3. Environmentalism; Inexperienced Constructing
4. The Onion
5. Man’s utilizing winter months scarves
6. Peacoats
7. Ska/Swing/Rockabilly
8. Dolphin/Butterfly/Solar/Moon tattoos on a lady’s again
9. Preventing Consumerism (through Adbusters)
10. Minimal Techno/Home

That is actually improbable:
-HGTV (any residence remodelling program really)
-Birthing Doulas
-Making your very personal toddler meals
-Presidential predominant debates
-Considering Angelina Jolie has grown to turn out to be “nobel”
-Veggie Burgers
-Kashi treats
-Saying “i do need to learn to surf”
-Making your personal private path mix
-Chai Tea drinks
-American Idol
-Saying your “inexperienced” however working a 9mpg Chevy Tahoe on condition that it “makes myself really feel safer”

I may keep it up — however I’ll let any individual else crack at it.

I want i actually may compose entries to you:

White individuals like…

+ undesired facial hair
+ Placing on athletic apparrel regardless of a disdain for skilled recreations
+ path journeys (particularly the type people take-in buy to “discover themselves”)
+ with the phrase, “Nobody will get between myself and an open bar”
+ perambulating downtown in thrift retailer clothes whereas fearfully avoiding homeless people who find themselves in most want of thrift store clothes
+ Expending vitality however performing nothing that advantages others in an effort to “discover themselves”
+ informing people they actually had been into emo within the 80’s (ie. as soon as they had been Eight yrs . outdated)
+ Textual content message-based romantic interactions
+ Unwillingly checking into rehab after going proper on by way of a interval of chemical dependancy… a part often initiated in an effort to “discover themselves”
+ Infidelity

First, I like this listing as a white particular person. 2nd, we agree completely that the majority of these items are for liberal white people. Provide some shoutouts to issues resembling:

– Nascar
– 90s Minivans, 00s Tahoe-like vehicles (in direct opposition in direction of the Prius)
– diving pubs (should you’re possibly not the only real white particular person in a bar/ethnic restaurant, you’re in all probability in a dingy membership stuffed with white individuals similar to you debating this listing)
– Collared Shirts (I’d personally state Polos, however you shed the “I’m brighter than you impact” of L’Accoste, Brooks Brothers, and even an as but not identified mom and pop store with their label and tailors every part to you personally).

White everybody loves this web page and might go it round with different white people who will discuss in on their weblog website. They may snicker at their buddies to be subsequently white however will deny turning into that white on their very own since they solely match 78 of matters.

1) writing weblog websites
2) family tree
3) saying they even write/play your guitar within the occasion that you just inform them you’re a author/musician

Firearms. I like mine. Reality be informed, they haven’t hurt a person! Get determine!

We moreover like to SIIHPAPP.

White people like “Three Goal Capturing”:

John Paxton, Steve Kerr, Larry Hen, JJ Redick, Dirk Nowitski, Jason Kapono, and Kyle Korver (amongst others).

this is perhaps absurd. i can’t suppose simply what number of of those we match. Dad and I additionally love this weblog however we don’t talk about it nose to nose, as a result of I’m-that’s proper!-studying abroad.

as of the prevailing 82, I’m:

1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21, 26, 28, 35, 36, 40 [heard relating to this from an NPR podcast, heard to my iPod.], 41, 42, 43, 44, 46, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 55, 57 [LOVED Juno.], 59, 61, 63, 74, 66, 71, 72, 76, 77, 78, and 80.

43 of these altogether. For pity! I’d de-whiten and transfer to a neighbor hood the place white people are the minority, however i’d simply come up with myself straight again within the listing. White priveledge–you possibly can run, you possibly can’t conceal.

I can’t consider fb/myspace usually are not on right here. Many white individuals have extra ‘buddies’ on these internet pages than they do in true to life.

Additionally price a put up: tattoos of “tribal” bands and/or japanese/chinese language phrases.

and performing every part “freelance” is fairly fashionable along with them as nicely.

We significantly like screwing myself all through the dangerous black rifle factor.

Oh yeah, screw you ARock

The explanation why hasn’t anybody talked about nation golf equipment?? any nation membership?? Notably I consider a Golf nation Membership, Yacht Golf equipment, Tennis Golf equipment, and so on. In any occasion its a membership that you could spend to have in

I’ve acquired a superb one – white everybody likes to toss ghetto occasions; often the one time by which it’s okay to be able to make enjoyable of varied different occasions

“Making In Public”

Within the heart of a busy sidewalk ideally.

I function in Manhattan (NYC) and I’m fairly sick and bored with seeing white individuals suck face (whereas Three million individuals should walk-around all of them) like they’re in their very own little enchanting comedy.

This document has no relevance until # 1 is The us.

on March 5, 2008 at 9:25 am Not Me…

From just a few of the solutions above; white women and men (by which I Am Speaking About white Individuals In The Us) wish to sub-categorise on their very own to have the ability to allow themselves to take pleasure in a weblog website that laughs at white people, however and by no means have to simply accept that these items truly relate to all of them as people…

Moreover, they like to say heritage that isn’t solely anglo-saxon… i recall listening to a couple of white fella proudly telling a black coloured fella that their nice nice nice grandmother was black coloured, to have the ability to acquire kinship, their face swiftly fell upon listening to the reply: “so your nice nice nice grandfather raped a slave after that!”.

For the document I’m welsh…

I’d be happy for nearly any of these what to use to me personally.

Need it additionally.

Certainly one of them about.

I forgot to say inside my earlier put up that completely nothing will get a bunch of white, middle-class people organized like a Professional-Selection demonstration. There clearly was little dissention with this matter…you’re steadily for it or in opposition to it, until you enter put up very first tri-semester, partial-fetus abortions – particulars, particulars.

Moreover, we uncover this web page extraordinarily amusing. I actually laughed out loud repeatedly. Extraordinarily humorous – (merely thought I’d confirm you must you be white. White women and men additionally love validation).

I’d state anal interplay. If it is a factor that’s important that you just all of them, they’ll hunt you proper right down to the termination of our planet for an answer concerning you.

I generally tend to concur that a number of issues on this quantity could be proper for Stuff Yuppies Like. However i get pleasure from it nonetheless!

I’m certain different people have truly mentioned these things, however listed below are some that I used to be pondering ought to make the quantity:

*Renaissance Festivals

on March 5, 2008 at 9:45 am An individual who seems white however in reality is not

I noticed a breakup b/c the bf couldn’t cease enjoying the online game. “wait, they need me”-the bf

I’m shockingly shocked that no one’s famous the Martin Mull documentary within the Historical past of White us residents on this entire dialogue!

White people like listings of “stuff that white women and men like.” It signifies that they’ve been enlightened sufficient to make enjoyable of by themselves.

moreover price a future put up: Harry Potter.
(what about studying Harry Potter in a Starbucks by the bay collectively together with your Mac open? i’ve seen this a couple of dozen instances)

on March 5, 2008 at 9:55 am An individual who appears to be like white however actually is not

#236 textual content primarily based relationship

i’ve undergone that

I additionally suppose soy milk should certanly be with this listing. I consider there’s an enormous drawback with a) lactose-intolerance, and b) being of lame old-school cow-juice. its merely not snobby and trendy enough.

Subsequent, I consider white people are literally grateful for Ralph Lauren. It serves their “conservative costume” wants for the individuals events every time they’re convention mothers and dads or going to the numerous ‘informal out of doors’ weddings that present all of them to-be one with nature and love all as nicely. In addition to, many white people aren’t sure about tommy hilfiger – though it boasts nautical themes and predominant colours, many white people stress they’re not ‘hip’ or ‘avenue’ sufficient to sport it.

actually even should you all ought to actually be exterior i not too long ago needed to inform you of simply how a lot white individuals love blogs.

actually, people will spend hours studying weblog after weblog website though not learn the event.

having weblog websites. connecting your website to these of different people (usually white individuals).

white individuals additionally need to economically assist locations like ikea (simply who make throwaway issues to fill your entire family after which afterward landfill) however then declare to like the environment. about these going out in bicycle shops are typically hopefully driving much less. yeeesh.

on March 5, 2008 at 10:04 am Rick James’ Mama

Black comedians that do excessively broad interpretations of white accents to tell jokes about white people. That is one among many ‘reverse kinship’ ploys made to make white people really feel higher about historic therapy of black coloured people, and it additionally is helpful. Credibility rises while you concentrate with different white individuals – a type of social payback deemed superb, specifically should you snicker at proper places. When proven, you might then proceed to have the benefit of the opposite nations within the efficiency socially guilt-free and acquire larger endorsement rankings from different white women and men in your accessible broad-mindedness and normal hipness. Further credibility is attained if usually the topic concerning this system and even the performer’s title comprise the time period ‘Def’.

(Be aware: These will truly be jokes about poor individuals retooled turning into informed like these had been about black custom. This allows individuals of all colours who possess cable which can make enjoyable of people who can’t pay for cable inside a socially-acceptable assemble. Finest demonstrated on cable channels.)

Repeating particular jokes from these kinds of reveals out of context is theoretically causes for go well with at work. Restrict mentions meant for bonding features to, “Hello, do you seize Chappelle final evening?”

oh yeah. white people additionally like to set their meals with wine. however there are many particular rules and these kinds of about it. after that these rules might be damaged. to search out out extra, uncover white sommelier.

“Trying Over Your Actually Shoulder When You’re on the workplace”

Geesh! Might I discover out about Stuff White Individuals Like in peace?!?!

Uncommon residence devices (garlic hit? apple corer? melon baller?)
Dear writing utensils (i.e. MontBlanc)

White everybody loves getting their hair braided within the seashores related to the Caribean Islands.
thereon notice, wherever they journey, placing on the “native” clothes, don’t get me personally begun on when they’re in Asia…

Nanny Cams, Would somewhat watch any individual abuse their children by way of the net as a substitute of pay the earnings of somebody expert to take a look at them.

on March 5, 2008 at 10:45 am z.e.

i’m too sluggish to learn by way of a lot of the articles, presumably that’s one thing we fancy, moreover us white everybody likes to quote flicks and television. some nights the entire dialog solely can be regurgitated quotes with completely nothing preliminary identified.

It is to-be probably the most racist issues I’ve look over. If this was finished for nearly every other competitors it might be eradicated and Jesse Jackson can be demanding people accountable be penalized. And most white people have been brainwashed we now have the impact of every part dangerous on earth, though whites solely represent underneath 10per cent of this jail populace. Okay final one, thats our fault too.

# 301

We’ll assist you to in on some secret . . . there’s tons of usa who, get rid of, rape, and steal . . . however solely 10% of us will undoubtedly be in system at any given time. Everyone knows that we’re in the identical means dangerous, however thankfully, one different occasions (particularly blacks) are thought of extra harmful plus in all probability be captured and located responsible.

However sssssh . . . don’t inform anyone.

Debating methodology about recreations they’ven’t performed since junior massive

White individuals consider they know every part. They like to proceed to your web page http://www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com and make suggestions concerning their very own “higher” additions in direction of the itemizing.

The topic proper right here must be itemizing of issues YUPPIES like. As a white particular person who’s actually not a yuppie I merely take offense.

Let’s do one concerning numerous different numerous different competitors and decide the size of time it would take for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to supply normal public wants for apology.

Embody disdain for thinly-veiled racism, and any such factor concerning exacltly what the tradition dislikes (rather than one factor actual, substitute every part you’ve seen on TV, or maybe the ‘Monopoly’ man).

Had been the “rhyming slurs” internet web page too demanding?

Not having a DJ, however a dwell musical group at their specific weddings…and spending $20Okay for this.

I’m white and I don’t like 90per cent of this issues about this quantity. You must change the title with this web site to STUFF WHITE YUPPY PEOPLE LIKE as a result of this simply is not a “typical” white particular person document – that could be a itemizing for white individuals which are clueless and might’t inform which finish is up.

# 312

State what immediately? I’m too hectic coping with the Sean Bell (50 Pictures) homicide . . . ahem . . . authorities capturing state of affairs is worried with protesting a website like this meant for African-Individuals.

I want I used to be Superman, however sir, you give me-too a lot credit score. We will’t struggle all all of them blogs.

In addition to, there’s at present 1,000,000 copy-cat web websites circulating as I sort. We don’t like saggy clothes, kool help, and being a Pimp like all of them apparently consider. However anyhow, there’ll be a trillion much more of those websites by the point the trial’s over. After these cops pull off homicide . . . ahem . . . I’m speaking about, after they’re confirmed easy, I want some white sand underneath my foot . . . I’m pondering Jamaica or maybe the Bahamas. Precisely what are you able to advise?

Songs Festivals!!!!! Lolapalooza, warped journey, wakestock, woodstock, SARSstock (I’m from T.O.).

I will solely keep in mind one rap tour and that was the up in smoke journey.

we as well as like frisbees, however a few of us require phoning all of them “discs” and enjoying “sports activities” like “disc tennis.”

…and smoothies….don’t overlook the smoothies

“This has acquired to be maybe probably the most racist issues i’ve learn. If this was finished for nearly every other competitors it is perhaps eliminated and Jesse Jackson might be demanding the people accountable be penalized. And most white women and men have been brainwashed that individuals are chargeable for every part dangerous on the planet, though whites solely comprise underneath 10per cent concerning the jail inhabitants. Oh yeah, thats our fault additionally.”

It’s yet one more dynamic if the group you can be satirizing is throughout the ruling overwhelming majority and incorporates an awesome cultural presence. A distinct segment website satirizing the tradition of a minority and/or oppressed staff could be offensive fascinated with the context.

As well as, jail populace isn’t actually an indicator of one thing besides the institutionalized racism in judicial system. I ponder precisely what the portion of white judges is?

This itemizing is certainly humorous, however the feedback from pissed-off people who’re taking this factor too severely are merely hilarious!

How in regards to the Dave Mathews Band, vitality drinks, Ginseng, charity events, grime cycle biking, golf, Tommy Bahama, flip-flops, Surf competitions, sake, Tofu, 3-day stroll for breast most cancers, artwork, tattoos, electrical guitar solos, lap-tops???? All above 🙂

You forgot Craigslist, “wholesome” vitality drinks, and driving bikes.

Since I’ve within the morning simply half white (subsequently the opposite half is Latino) Im fairly certain i may exactly predict that over the next couple of years, white people are gunna be all hopped up within the after:

1. Yerba Matte
2. Pupusas
3. Tango music
4. function paddle browsing (this shit is so fucking lame)
5. Lemonwilde
6. fiscal conservatism

You forgot Craigslist, “wholesome” vitality drinks, and driving bicycles.

Since I’ve within the morning solely half-white (in addition to the associate is Latino) i can be assured I can precisely predict that throughout the subsequent a number of years, white people are gunna be all hopped up on the next:

1. Yerba Matte
2. Pupusas
3. Tango songs
4. Arise paddle looking out (this shit is actually so fucking lame)
5. Lemonwilde
6. fiscal conservatism

We settle for above-said…

Screw the Racist… if “White” had been “Black” or “Hispanic” or “Asian”… then although it may presumably be thought of “equally humorous” there could be a P.C. outrage… subsequently SCREW YOU!
and take a look at the web site http://uspidedownstamps.com

This solely applies to prosperous Individuals in america, and largely attracts those that dwell in a metropolitan space (NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles), the Northeast, and Ca. You overlook the assorted different white people; as college students staying within the South I do know for a well-known truth which they LOVE their steak and extremely not many are vegetarians and vegans. They even worth a useful outdated Coors and taking a while. No likelihood in hell can they handle just a few of the objects on proper right here.

Within the occasion that you just make decrease than 50okay a 12 months are you at present truly white? Or just simply want to it?

on March 5, 2008 at 12:53 pm random white man

I second the need for “Brunch” to-be included. As well as, “Physique Cleanses” or “Fasts” or “Colon Cleanses” or some derivation of the idea.

1. Pink bull and vodka.
2. Abbreviations – saying issues resembling def, awes, and so on
3. Croakies (these stuff you put onto your sun shades so that you don’t shed them)
4. Gum
5. City Dictionary
6. Scotch
7. Patrick Swayze

I hate Coors however Bud mild is nice! That is all humorous as a result of it’s SOOOOOOOOOO true. I like the entire issues on this web page. I’m white however, I’m maybe not wealthy by any means. I’ve nonetheless expert a lot of the finer issues in life. You don’t should be white to-do so…………neither is it essential to be a racist biggot. I am from CA although and it is also among the many finest locations to be……..cease turning into subsequently delicate individuals…..SHEESH 🙂

an incredible 75per cent amongst these have an effect on my white ass.

however i believe you ought so as to add

1. J. Crew
2. carrying galoshes (white females significantly)..doesn’t matter when it’s raining exterior or in any other case not.
3. buddy of a pal identify dropping
4. Sudoku
5. prone to graduate college…then speaing frankly about simply how graduate college ended up being a waste of time.
6. discussing spending much less / losing a few pounds…irrespective of precisely how a lot they are going to have of usually.

hey man, this document is a abstract of what wealthy twenty some factor Us people like, not white women and men. Racist.

With out Cheese it’s bogus

see if white individuals made a web-based website that included a lot of the issues black coloured people like, such

deep-fried hen
collie greens
excessive priced avenue footwear
puffy coats with synthetic fur
preventing techinques
issues with chrome

after that we might be known as racist…

There’s a optimistic change between racism and stereotyping. That is NOT racism, its stereotyping. Stereotyping is a superb factor, it ties into one’s intuition, may be positioned humorous…and so on. Racism is a unfavourable factor, you is perhaps selecting to HATE one other solely from the colour of their specific pores and skin. Stereotyping shouldn’t be hating, it’s an knowledgeable guess on overwhelming majority of a race.

I’m white. We don’t as with all concerning the issues detailed however I settle for that many white women and men like said issues. As well as can snicker about that.

Ebony those that see a black particular person make enjoyable of another black particular person and label in opposition to him/her, state “what an asshole”

Black individuals who see a white particular person make enjoyable of a black coloured particular person and stereotype in opposition to him/her, state “what a racist.”


By way of individuals whom suppose the judicial system in America ‘s the rationale the overwhelming information of jail demographics, you might be fucking idiots. Is-it the judicial methods fault that many black people are killing people and dealing medicines and doing shit that they aren’t stated to be performing? No, it’s not. It IS however work to self-discipline all of them after they get caught. So bang each physique liberal assholes which have NO concept precisely what you’re speaking about.

Response To “White College Scholar”


What about Journey’s Best Hits? You already know you-all possess a replica (or want you carried out). Simply enter any bar with greater than three white women and men inside it and play “Don’t Cease Believin’.” See what takes place.

White individuals love exceptionally specific publications!
They even love lists resembling “high 50 objects to see earlier than you die”.

Add to that, inspirational weblog websites such LifeHacker, timferriss.com, stevepavlina.com, ZenHabits

I did son’t learn by way of all of the opinions, subsequently sorry if i’m duplicating…
however you possibly can’t miss improbable retrievers and labradors

Beards! Males like having them and stroking all of them and females like talking about precisely how a lot they’d all the time uncover a man with one.

i assume if they are saying white people they honestly counsel usa east coast liberal college students

however thats much like me. and I additionally that means you clarify that small minority as ‘white individuals’!

white individuals like wes anderson movies! white individuals similar to the pixies! white women and men like beat poetry and continental philosophy!

I believe you’d positively love the e-book Bobos in haven by David Brooks. I consider the “white people” you might be speaking about could be the Bobos talked about in e-book. It may provide a ton of nice just a few concepts.

different objects white individuals select to do:

-Not utilizing a shower
-Placing their specific mother and father in asylums
-Kill their specific mothers and dads for cash
-Have children after that destroy them
-Get hitched after that divorced, after that get married and get divorced ….
-Killing creatures
-Nation music
-Studying the tabloids
-Go to Asia and spend to own intercourse with children

Under are just a few extra that is perhaps added. If some one has not too long ago mentioned these, i’m sorry for the duplication.

1. Astrology

2. Jack Johnson (the musician maybe not the boxer)

5. Something concerning spirits. in different phrases. Ghosthunters, ghost reveals typically, and so on.

6. Aliens. Space 51. Nevertheless, conspiracy theories as a complete aren’t particularly a white factor as some genuinely consider that Tupac and Biggie’s deaths had been conspiracies.

7. Excessively used catch expressions.

9. The British Royal household

10. I’m conscious that Prius and recycling are talked about however what about being enviromentally pleasant as a complete.

11. Napoleon Dynamite

12. Lacrosse, Rugby and Darts. Might as nicely toss Bowling inside too.

13. Cher, Bette Midler, Barry Manilow, Liza Minelli, an such like.

Great!! I’m not white, however merely listened to you on NPR. I can relate genuinely to 60/81 of these.

To the I’d add (which is issues I additionally like):

– Oregon
– prone to fashionable well being golf equipment
– Denying thier suburban origins
– Cooking publications
– 5/10 12 months applications and freaking away after they’re not on observe

Thanks for giving us a increase your voice.

And thanks loads additionally, for clarifying precisely what a stereotype is. You perceive, like everytime you stated “Stereotyping simply is not hating, it is an knowledgeable estimate within the the larger a part of a race”. We, the Ebony Individuals, really feel you could be nominated relating to Many Nicely-Traveled, Educated, and fascinating White Man of the Yr Award.


Duh . . . because you’ve glad virtually all of the black race and that demonstrates why you’re i am throughout this everytime you proclaim that the majority of us like watermelon deep-fried hen, chains, expensive street footwear, and the rest by yourself more healthy listing. Not one among us would dare drink a bottled water (okay, possibly Poland Springs on a really humid time) or tune in to Mos Def (actually, just a few of their songs are kinda lyrically wonderful) or analysis overseas (maintain up, we take that straight again, since a few of us have been at present overseas wanting to soak up some understanding at school). Actually . . . wait . . . we forgot what we had been making an attempt to say.

Oh . . . yeah . . . Nick, we require extra people such as you lately. Individuals who make an effort out to get acquainted with every single amongst usa so nicely. We love which you’re keen on usa that loads. A lot so that you suppose that the majority us belong in jail. We particularly loved while you said “Is it the judicial strategies fault that many black coloured people are killing individuals and dealing medicines and doing shit which they aren’t purported to be performing? No, it is not. It is nonetheless work to penalize all of them after they get caught.”

Now that was a improbable assertion as a result of complete globe understands that simply black people get rid of and deal medicines. Actually, if white individuals by no means do dangerous issues, the rationale why on the planet ought to they be penalized?

We recommend, who else does Lindsay Lohan, Pat O’Brien, Britney Spears, and 80per cent of white Hollywood handle to get thier medicines from?

And although Scott Peterson is white, he simply murdered his anticipating associate, so he doesn’t really depend. Oh, and Charles Manson solely killed a choose couple of, subsequently he doesn’t depend usually. Oh, wait . . . Jeffrey Dahmer killed after which ate everybody simply who crossed their course . . . however presumably that has been recycling in a means?

Anyway, we’re in all probability go for a stroll immediately. We simply desired to tell you the way sensible you’re. And simply how non-racist and insightful you’ve already been. We’ll return in just a few and might get again with an expensive sandwich and a few espresso for you and although we don’t devour that shit. These $9 snacks are actually bland subsequently we are able to’t stand the actual fact espresso spots our enamel.

Ciao bella!

The place hell is geographic patriotism! I assumed that needed to keep in right here someplace. White individuals, liberal or maybe not, are shamelessly enthusiastic in regards to the metropolis/state they dwell in, and are often thoughtlessly happy with it for some purpose, apart from it being well-known for being the birthplace of a necessary determine, by which some sort of breads is well-known, their over weight communities, or having heaps of dumpsters. An instance by which it’s particularly apparent is inside assist for recreation teams.

One more factor you could add is penis dimensions. Principally concerning white males, demonstrably, however this can’t be disputed. White males, in virtually each facet of their social life, love dicks.

Add taking numerous different nation’s or individuals’s land and going there for getaway

Web site title ought to be modified to ‘Full plenty of Stuff America White guests Like’, most Europeans aren’t pretentious trivial liberals and don’t present a rattling in regards to the objects of above itemizing.

BTW this websites simply racist within the occasion that you just don’t have a sense of humour.

White everybody loves shopping for and having DVDs. The explanation why pay 20 {dollars} for one factor you’ll almost certainly simply watch as soon as each half a 12 months? I’ve no clue, particularly contemplating your 500 dvd assortment will rapidly be outdated and also you’ll must do it over again with Blu-Ray. I don’t get white individuals

Oh hell yeah they love myself!!! who doesn’t? My scripts are the realist on television.

How about working the entire world – or no less than the elements that matter. I like that many.

1. Quilts/Quilting/Knitting
2. flip-flops
4. Storage Product Gross sales
5. Donating stuff to Goodwill or every other charities
6. mopeds
7. Mapsco or maps generally
8. PTA
9. Salads
10. Performing the Rooster Dance, YMCA, an such like. at weddings or every other features!
11. the Thesaurus
12. Monogrammed issues! Embroidered presents!
13. Wool clothes

How about white those that have by no means gone to Ca talking “Valley” specifically individuals who dwell within the center the primary U.S.
I believe it’s humorous to see a teenage girl from Kansas or someplace chatting like an space girl.
Comfortable instances.

On tv:

White individuals love crime dramas. That’s why there are Three totally different variations of CSI and numerous Legislation and Order applications.

In addition they like their well being dramas. ER, and so on.

-GODARD MOVIES (or french new revolution generally)

-40s (of alcohol)

-DOING ACID/SHROOMS IN UNIVERSITY (or just performing acid/shrooms typically talking)





-for occasion, its cool to personal a mac and cooking space devices, however its additionally cool your should buy plastic (and never cds), VHS (and by no means DVD, in just a few teams), analog recording (and never digital tracks; although its moreover cool perceive tips on how to use ProTools and Photoshop), 16mm movie (and never digital)..the itemizing continues on. It’d be humorous to speak about the place one attracts the road…in what locations ought to a white particular person have the numerous up to date know-how, in what locations ought to a white particular person have solely throwbacks?


-THE TENSION BETWEEN BECOMING FULL-BLOWN PC, AND FULL-BLOWN NOT-BC (ironic use of the time period ‘nigger,’ an such like)



on March 5, 2008 at 4:10 pm The_Other_White_Guy

White everybody loves turn out to be a hero, or do silly or harmful adventuresome issues. Generally this will likely contain pets.

To # 398:

Bull using and rodeos typically one thinks of.

in any other case when some douchebag jumps off of a constructing, cliff, and so on and it has a parachute breakdown or different associated bother which nearly prices all of them their specific resides after which they gloat triumphantly afterward about escaping loss of life. Now that’s white!

I believe Peyton should are actually residing in a Fly Over situation. You don’t depend.

Nice quantity.

One other creator white everybody loves is Dave Barry. I skilled this college. A couple of of my dorm mates couldn’t get an satisfactory quantity of studying his materials OUT LOUD. I’d personally simply shake my thoughts.

Dave Barry is notably humorous, however white people can’t get sufficient of him.

Begin Considering About him in your quantity 🙂

Ice Cream…all white individuals LOVE ice cream.

I when labored in a plaza by which a cool rock Creamery had solely opened. Each time I acquired away from my automobile to, a white man in a enterprise match was very practically skipping in direction of the door or the Chilly rock.

Moreover, the neighborhood frozen dessert parlor has truly a line exterior of the house on Sundays of white individuals hoping to get ice cream…the funniest factor? It’s in a ‘black next-door neighbor’ actually thought of the dangerous ingredient of city.

As well as, if you would like to only take out/bomb/crush/no matter a bunch of white people all of sudden, merely maintain an ice-cream private.


White people as well as need to discover weblog websites much like this the one which satirize white women and men then ahead all of them to different individuals…

W.P.L – Inexperienced Bean casseroles at holidays! Each household has their very personal distinctive ‘twist’ concerning the recipie

W.P.L – Spending some huge cash for groundbreaking clothes at location like Abercrombie & Fitch that appear to be they acquired dragged-out for the Goodwill container, or these are usually hand-me-downs from older, preppy your authorities.

W.P.Love – St. Patrick’s Day!! OMG!!! Its a nationwide purpose to commemorate some actually pale tradition, and work a idiot. Funnily enough, in Eire, it is much less of an enormous deal…

final frisbee. Nascar. Trucker caps. Appearing black coloured. Worldwide accents. Worldwide cinema. Artwork Home motion pictures. Snowboarding.

weapons/looking (they are going collectively)

Not while you take a look at the hood the don’t.

ROTFL. This piece carried out solely tear on whites but you feel indignant? Hahahaha. Victimization understands no bounds, does it?

And white individuals utterly love cruising. It’s ridiculous.

For Lisa (#2)
It’s spelled “regatta”.

For White? (#7)
David Sedaris is loved by individuals from TX, CO in addition to in WA. He is hysterically humorous and a pleasant copywriter, and I believe you missed the complete level about it web page. That can be in all probability the rationale why you suppose David Sedaris is over many individuals’s minds.

Suggestion: Boston’s It’s Above A Feeling and Kansas’ “Carry To My Wayward Son”

simply how spiked belts not one among these . . . i adored spiked gadgets and im a tall white man with an 11 in cock


Internet Courting
Ladies’s professional sports activities
Guitar Hero
Texas Maintain ‘Em
Dane Prepare dinner
Tiny Asses
Massive breasts (pretend is best)
Blonde locks
Martini pubs
Planning to bookstores for latte
Self Protection Functions Lessons
Dr. Phil
Agnosticism, till every goes to jail or have a sick member of the family
Killing people in serial
Capturing up excessive colleges and faculties

alongside facet experimental bisexuality identified in a previous entry, we dare you to handle- a. accessible relationships/polyamory and b. the incidence generally known as intoxicated white women.

Additionally add “Black people placing on eyeglasses.” We white individuals like this as a result of they seem much less intimidating. Not simply truly, and since we perceive there’s likelihood a black coloured particular person placing on cups received’t utilization slang we have to think about to know (which can be awkward) or an use an elaborate handshake making usa seem like we’re stuttering in signal language (that’s truly awkward).
Except a black particular person is utilizing specs AND a bow hyperlink, white high and a sport coating. After that we now have scared, since they might-be like this man on season 2 concerning the Wire or Malcom X or one thing.

on March 5, 2008 at 7:28 pm itemizing of simply what black people like…

1. Filth
2. Situation
3. Welfare
4. Raping females
5. Fried hen
6. Malt Alcohol
7. Kool-Help
8. Fried Rooster
9. Blaming whites almost about their points
10. TNB
11. Fried hen
12. Dependency
13. Taking
14. Murdering
15. Basketball
16. Ignorance
17. Crime
18. “Down cheap” interactions
19. Ebonics
20. Fried hen

Nice internet log! Don’t overlook to incorporate Oprah / Dr Phil / self-actualizing pop music remedy (or maybe is that merely white women!?)

your website posts are excellent, nonetheless you perceive what’s a lot better? studying the commentary of these you piss off! i’m gonna be laughing inside my relaxation! HA!!!

Graphic Novels. Don’t name all of them comedian publications.

This graduate faculty one made me snicker so laborious… then I had been depressed.

It’s an ailment, individuals.

You’re missing the apparent #1! undesired facial hair! Persistently required facial hair aside (start to see the Amish, Muslims, orthodox Jews), you don’t see any battle sporting lots variations of undesired facial hair subsequently proudly. Hispanics usually rock the ‘stache, however seldom beards or sideburns. Asians generally do, however by no means ought to, whispy small beards. Should you subtract the world of iIlam you see a number of black males with beards. However amongst whites facial hair is mostly sported by bikers, stoners, rockers, COPS, faculty kids, college professors, outdated dudes, cowboys, and so on.

Genius…positively wizard.

As a result of somebody occurs to know a white particular person who likes one thing or two about this document… doesn’t suggest that the complete white inhabitants is into these things. I do consider the listing is completely narrow-minded. I suppose it completely was assembled by a white one who DOES resembling these items (their private listing of likes). However I personally, don’t acknowledge, off-hand, too many white individuals which are into all this materials. Certainly I’m able to depend much more non-whites that like this materials than i may depend whites. We will’t consider I wasted all this time studying this and its personal ignorant responses.

Please right this quantity turn out to be entitled: “Stuff any specific one white man likes”.

on March 5, 2008 at 8:44 pm C.G.

Maybe We missed it however We scolled rapidly by way of the complete quantity and I noticed people say sandals, flip-flops, and so on…. however used to don’t see among the many whitest footwear traits of all of them…


In Addition how about…
-Motion pictures about mobsters or pirates (escapism anyone?)
-Magnetic Ribbons for vehicles (i.e. We Assist the Troops)
-Choosing up an accent from someplace they continued vacation for per week: Southern drawl (Y’all) and British, Irish, Boston (Pissah), Austrailian (G’day mate) accents.
-Bitching about site visitors/parking/their duties.

A variety of the concepts above made me personally snicker my a** off, like “Seeing a movie after which remarking “the information had been higher”.

changing characters into typed profanities (ie F***ing or $#it!)
your momma jokes, now the development occurs to be shifting in direction of “that’s simply what she stated” jokes.
cushions, Simply who requires 15 cushions of various colours and shapes on their mattress?

on March 5, 2008 at 8:58 pm White and Proud

Meth! I don’t suppose I’ve seen a non-white meth bust from the event ever earlier than.

AAA, as a result of white people who drive don’t like needing to alter distinctive flat tire, or bounce their very own automobile. Moreover, we don’t like calling Tow vans, triple AAA is way more refined, and although excessive priced, a seemingly wonderful supply.

white people should keep the latest obscure bands, however as soon as requested their all-time favourite musicians and artists, they should by way of the Beatles.

you-all ought to do white women and men like “life mentors” not practitioners or psychiatrists, whereas all of them are an identical factor, merely numerous names for all of them. The brand new time period is lifetime advisor.

Am we the one particular person noticing that this weblog can be way more exactly branded “Stuff Democrats like”?? I believe some one is a closet, or “in denial”, Republican.

Come-on, you chickenshits, put “feminism” on this document. DO SO. We DARE YOU.

Artists who handed away too quickly.

Bob Marley
Jim Morrison
John Lennon
Elvis Presley
Jeff Buckley
Kurt Cobain
Jimi Hendrix
Janis Joplin

White people can’t get sufficient of those artists. Sure, they’re music is superb. Nonetheless they consider that ought to they like all of them and definitely will discover out every part of the on a regular basis lives they will take it up at an occasion exhibiting their realizing of how tragic it was to eliminate this particular person. Instance, “Jim Morrison had been these kinds of an unbelievable particular person and his music had been subsequently inspirational. It’s a disgrace he handed away subsequently youthful.” And everybody else will nod in settlement. Now identify a number of observe by him.

Careless feats of wealth and sparetime (ie: circling the planet in a hot-air balloon, yacht occasions, climbing hills).

networking internet pages like fb, however godforbid possibly not myspace! That’s acquired too-much trashy glittery shit happening.

Yeah, roughly the people who put collectively this document are discussing is hipsters (truly neo-hipsters). They almost certainly are asian, true-blue collar caucasian or skaters and dwell in comparable locations since these hipsters Which is the rising, rapidly to-be prevailing paradigm of youthful whitedom in america.

We utterly really feel the

okay, sorry, i would like to finish. I completely really feel the yellow fever factor. I can’t stay that shit! The us options an obsession with the unique

on March 5, 2008 at 11:13 pm Loving this website, loving satire

Proper on, Librarians Gone Wild! Additionally humorous!


-house, any workplace, scrubs, arrested growth, 24 (applications they seem at you loopy for should you dont watch)
-the FOLLOWING BIG THING (be it “going inexperienced”, a singular apple product, some governmental movement, and so on…)
-sarcasm and witty banter (enhancing their specific myspace profiles so merely and incorporating numerous ironic crap onto it you ask your self if theyre actualy like that or simply silly)
-kanye west (oh god, the often name-dropped rapper to be able to add they personal “eclectic” preferences)
-bragging regarding the publications they research (wow, thanks for making me personally really feel dumb. FYI, we learn additionally, thanks loads…)
-dressing like peggy bundy (that is completely for the hipster/scenester set….um possibly not cool)

on March 6, 2008 at 12:20 am i could also be white too

White males like firearms, significantly black coloured plastic handguns and outdated army rifles. White ladies, particularly Ca ladies, like males simply who like weapons, nonetheless they will’t acknowledge it on condition that it could strike their handle.

on March 6, 2008 at 12:47 am non-whitey residing as a whitey in a whitey metropolis

I did son’t need to learn all these critiques so…Dave Matthews Band. That’s a band with the range and understanding a real white particular person can deal with.

Physiotherapy. For no matter purpose white need to point out needing to go to a “physio” go to. Whenever you undoubtedly query them “why is it essential to go to physio”, the person occurs to be considerably happy that you just requested them this, as immediately they’re able to appear each smart and supply the impression they lead extraordinarily energetic life; “Nicely I occurred to be on a 20Okay run and I pulled my blah blabbity blah blah” this dialog continues for an extended interval as each people begin referring to accidents, each wanting to appear sensible and energetic.

#100 should be the STUFF WHITE PEOPLE LOVE Weblog

#97….I’m not sure which distinctive to easily whites. Ca vanity bleeds to all racial groups. It’s one factor while you take a look at the liquid.

“If we grew to become our personal nation, we’d nonetheless have the fifth largest GNP on the planet.’ Kindly.

Astonished nobody options talked about ‘gated communities’. Maybe that’s too pink situation.

Add: White or Possession Receivers.

This can be akin to “assists.” White individuals love nothing greater than to see Wes Welker, Ed McCaffrey, Brandon Stokley, Drew Bennett, Wayne Chrebet, and so on flourish in sports activities. They like to say simply how these receivers make use of thier “guile” to run exact paths. A number of instances these receivers can have enjoyable with the “slot” place. That makes them sort of a operating straight again lite or dump down choice whereas as nicely acquiring the WR title.

Holy Fuck.

Since when did to have the ability to snicker at your self turn out to be a poor factor? Some physique earlier said that white people simply snicker solely at that on condition that it’s racist to not? WTF specific logic is?

Whatever the color of the dermis, should you can’t acknowledge a innocent joke to be innocent, you’re a fucking fool that must be taken from our planet.

There’s a optimistic change between bull crap purported to be pleasing, and a joke meant to hurt.

If there’s a comparable website to this concerning numerous different occasions, certain many individuals may get upset, nonetheless if it was by way of with the very same secure intentions plus it was clear that these intentions had been innocent humour, i do consider numerous you would be astonished to how these different nations may view these kinds of a web site.

Stereotypes used for humour = good pleasing
Stereotypes acquainted with place individuals down = dangerous

It’s quite simple, should you can’t acknowledge a secure joke as a secure joke in contrast to a racist deposit you’re seemingly on the listing of stupidest women and men on earth.

“This should be very racist issues I’ve learn. If that is finished concerning numerous different competitors it could be eliminated and Jesse Jackson would-be demanding the parents accountable be punished. And most white women and men have been brainwashed that folks have the impact of every part dangerous within the area, though whites solely make up considerably lower than 10% of jail populace. Okay Final One, thats our fault too.”

Okay…. so right here’s the factor… I’m half of white, half of chinese language, however have all the time recognized myself as being extra white than chinese language merely due to my upbringing. I’m culturally extra “in contact” with my white facet.

BUT, within the occasion that you just look proper again on historical past, I’m satisfied which you can say that white individuals ARE in actuality accountable for extra atrocities devoted in opposition to humanity than many different occasions.

Relating to your talk about jail: within the occasion that you just wanna have a vital dialog about this positive, nonetheless you actually and serioulsy have to be joyful to guage historical past returning to slavery and likewise the civil rights motion (in my view). When blacks gained equal rights, they attained nothing else. They actually had been already poor and uneducated. Sure, there have been many individuals which have been ready to bust there as 10 instances harder in comparison with subsequent man to-break that interval, however residing a society that has been initially organized for whites to profit in all probability probably the most the place plenty of whites nonetheless held racist opinions stacks the deck in opposition to a black particular person.

Everyone knows that crime has nothing in reference to battle, however socio-economics. Together with: precisely why is an considerable particular person in all probability go rob a comfort retailer? He’s maybe not, an unhealthy particular person is. If it poor particular person is black, so be it… however he’s maybe not robbing the shop as a result of he’s black coloured, he’s carrying it out as a result of he’s poor. And he’s in all probability dangerous as a result of he’s undereducated and might’t get work. And’s almost certainly undereducated as a result of he didn’t have any individual on his ass when he had been a child preaching the need of coaching and ensuring he did all their analysis. After which he in all probability didn’t have somebody on their butt about faculty since there ended up being no good half design in his residence. And precisely why did he haven’t any optimistic half design? Because of the truth people who ought to have been their function designs had no function designs themselves.

Women and men like to state shit like “recover from slavery”, and “don’t blame me personally for stuff that occurred greater than 100 years in the past”. We don’t consider that just about all black individuals assist the white people of immediately answerable for slavery, nonetheless the consequences of it could nonetheless be seen all-around North America inside the truth that prisons are typically filled with black women and men, and drop-out costs at college for black people are skyrocketing, and so on.

So, will or not it’s COMPLETE fault that prisons are typically excessive in black coloured people? More than likely not, nonetheless, should you look again far satisfactory, there’s positively a considerable amount of blame which ought to be shouldered by white group all collectively.

For many years we’ve been studying about nasty white garbage people and any longer it is nice that some physique is making pleasing in regards to the numerous different demographic… the white center class…. the category of women and men primarily blamed for being many culturally sterile demographic of your sorts may be grateful now … any individual goes for persona!!!!

White individuals particularly love the white gamers on recreations groups. Notably if the staff is predominantly black coloured along with white participant is enjoying a place often held by black skilled athletes. He doesn’t want to-be amongst 10 finest gamers concerning the group however he’ll in all probability lead the group in jersey product gross sales and purchase the loudest ovations within the residence video games. White announcers love these gamers additionally since they’re “gritty” and succeed regardless of being “much less actually gifted”.

CM, exactly. This Can Be my level with “Possession Receivers.” They’ve credit score for “operating actual paths” or “being heady or cerebral.”

I’m possibly not white, (nor biracial) and I like 30 issues with this listing. 🙂

White people like utilizing nature images or artsy fartsy pic’s of those younger ones. That is completed through the use of their very personal low-cost digital cameras. They then consider they are going to have developed the photographic murals of all time. You understand the images….foggy morning all through the lake…youngster blowing bubbles in wind….That is instantly adopted carefully by framing them and scattering them about the home. The hope often people will say “oh, that is actually stunning”. From which, the “artist” can reply, “sure, we took it.”

NO, I’m not some loopy photographer…We’ve got an inexpensive digicam and I additionally was a nurse….with photograph’s unfold about….

And all kinds of this time I used to be pondering I occurred to be white!! Referring to this document, I’m barely white in any case…

PS: Who’s Michel Gondry???

We’ve got most liberal white buddies which are actually to the setting consequently they’re truly anxious in regards to the affect of world warming within the bees whereas the bats… particularly the bees. So yeah, I consider (eco-friendly liberal) white women and men like worrying regarding the strikes of world heating on creatures that the majority people think about terrible pests.

Utilizing scenic footage(minus human beings, specifically their very own households)

In addition they wish to take close-ups of obscure vegetation out within the wild.

Sensible. Might I additionally counsel summertime shares, cal-mex, bicycles, Ina Garten, classic garments shops, the Museum of up to date Artwork, and pretending to love historical music.

Listed here are three issues white individuals like, in an effort:

i) weblog websites
ii) self-referentiality
iii) stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com

i) hating religion
ii) hating ‘racism’
iii) blaming every part on religion or racism.

It’s because white people usually are not racist or non secular, and should think about the world’s issues could be the fault of non secular racists as a substitute of wealthy individuals.

please add ‘appearing dangerous’ on itemizing.

I occurred to be as of this dinner final week and likewise this white man was subsequently joyful on how he was residing a van. though, he plainly didn’t have too. or that man which determined to be dangerous for per 12 months. all alongside he had bank cards contained in the straight again pocket

ohh and add

anyhow – love the web site!

Constructing million buck domiciles and filling these with their outdated faculty furnishings (given that it’s maybe all they will handle!)

all proof issues to the truth that white individuals like making lists. after which commenting on these lists.

Atheism, Horses, Catalogs, Wool Garments, Log Houses, Automobile Racks and Cargo Containers, Subarus

White women and men need it when numerous different races and nationalities emulate their specific white trend sense, hair kinds, and message patterns. They need to see their specific whiteness mirrored to them from all all over the world. That is the rationale White everybody loves Japan.

As well as White people wish to think about these are typically distinct from different white people. Due to this fact while entire remaining portion of the globe can are categorized as a sterotype for white people, they themselves symbolize the common particular person. White people really have faith of their specific coronary heart that the majority white people don’t look precisely the identical. As well as they secretly perceive simply why white individuals consider Asians and Blacks all look alike. Not too they consider it, however numerous different white people suppose black coloured and asians look the identical.

White peopple are sometimes lazy and don’t choose to overview all effing 504 effing suggestions…

Has any particular person proposed Lighthouses nonetheless?

Cuz they honestly are soooo white it hurts. Inside complete historical past of society, there’s NEVER already been a “particular person of colour” allowed close to a lighthouse. AFAIK. Blue hair does NOT depend as a “particular person of colour”.

White people are literally having fun with Quinoa and Flax presently.

Stating from the entrance outlines,

I dug this web site an incredible deal We related to it from my weblog.
You will see that a few enhancements which may be thought of:

1. Quarterbacks
2. exterior music festivals
3. Garlic
4. huge hemp necklaces
5. Dreadlocks
6. the growing older course of rockers
7. Bumper stickers
8. Grownup Swim
9. 80s cartoons
10. Chris Farley

i didn’t overview the entire commentary, carried out any particular person point out meals community? residence re-modeling/enchancment reveals?


Merely launched a dish at your following celebration. it is sort of a fly pitfall for white women and men. A scrumptious, pink fly lure.

OMG, i’ve to be white! That is mainly the funniest factor i’ve run into in fairly some time. Thanks for the laughs!

Black males don’t use umbrellas, for causes uknown. Observe the following event it rains…MAYBE they’re going to use one if caught in a downpour, nonetheless probably the most them strive to not additionally carry them.

This web page is cool! I used to be beforehand actually the one black particular person/girl on a employees of 300+ white women and men. Initially, MOST OF THE WHITE guys LOOKED EXACTLY THE SAME FOR ME. I assumed how on the planet have all the time been We going to be ready to inform the distinction/study their manufacturers? However as time glided by, everybody’s individuality came across the highest. Then, in the future, the entire sudden, i presumably may inform them apart. it’s like-looking at these forms of “phantasm images” for which you want actually to consider it a sure methodology to start to see the hidden picture. Deeply!

Making the blinds or curtans on the home home windows open so each particular person can simply see as a part of your family.

This has to-be the best sterotype ever, I’m white and I additionally don’t additionally like most of these items…….and btw not completely all white people are rich

Some people on right here actually ought to loosen up. Have truly we truly turn out to be subsequently PC that white people can’t make enjoyable of white individuals? Which ought to be added although. White everybody loves turning into Laptop. Numerous this listing pertains to myself although and it is also hilarious and stick with it. Suggestions.

Will Smith – needs to be added, way more than mos def

Acoustic guitar – 1 from each 2 white males can play “tears in heaven” or “Your physique is a wonderland” (the panty-droppers)

White women love having a gay male closest good friend

White everybody loves proudly owning out of doors gear they keep away from utilizing (for instance. hill bicycles, backpacks, kayaks, and so on). That means numerous different white women and men consider they’ve been more healthy whereas they really feel higher about by themselves with out the necessity to actually do one thing.

The right way to fake to perform issues people all the time go truly do. (in different phrases. electrical guitar hero, wii tennis, madden) discovering these is far simpler than truly discovering these particular issues.

I’d need to see Chuck Norris on document, I believe he deserves an space forward of when Obama

As well as suppose winter sports activities or snowboarding/snowboarding or one thing like that for the kind must be on listing. I’ve by no means seen anybody however white individuals contend in winter months olympics

this web page basically outlines common tradition…not issues white people like… are you kidding myself – it is fairly absurd. We will’t even suppose that i sat right here and overview half of it then believed compelled to create a remark.

This listing sucks and nearly each factor on the next is flawed…….you possibly can inform a liberal penned it

on March 6, 2008 at 10:04 am Zebra (aka Oreo)

As any individual with a White mommy and Black mother or father, I’ve struggled my complete life to establish which group i need to say i belong to. However I like each factor with this quantity. So, plainly, i am a White particular person. Thank-you — this itemizing modified my complete life!

# 527 Dylan

You is perhaps the man . . . however I’m the man instances 1 billion.

Need to know why?

As a result of . . . every time I name 1-900 figures, we don’t get charged. I endure the phone and cash sheds.

As a result of . . . as soon as I ended up being denied an Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s because it was 10:35, I roundhouse kicked the store so laborious it grew to become a Wendy’s.

As a result of . . . We don’t in reality write publications, the language assemble themselves out of fear.

And since . . . We grind my espresso with my enamel and boil water with my very own rage.

Take into consideration whistling. That could be a lacking artwork of white people since they’re getting worse and worse at carrying it out. However how excited carried out I get after I heard Andrew Hen whistling like a canary on their document….tickled.

Lacking: Unhappy movies about slavery, diamond mines, or apartheid may keep it up there. Maybe that may be an e mail underneath “assists” for all these people which aren’t superb at recreations.

Nice document. It’s completely much more of a “WWP From California Like”, however there are quite a few matches for individuals East Coast tan-challenged additionally.

Be certain that it it’s actual, (I LIKE speaking like that!)

@ #463 – EXACTLY! As I learn the listing, I immediately believed that it described every particular person in Portland, in any other case, using their specific bikes to perform and shopping for at complete Meals, it is sort of a image related to Pearl District!

Issues Black Guests like:

Utilizing their denims round their specific knees, inflicting all of them to waddle. Not solely this, however they placed on belts to maintain their specific pants in a selected place.

Sporting precisely what virtually each different black coloured particular person wears together with caps using the sticker nonetheless on. These are typically in the identical means fashionable as shallow white women and men.

Taking pleasure in lack of information, and accusing a instructor of using “huge phrases” when stated instructor makes use of a phrase like “refined”

They drink malt alcohol and orange juice.

They eat hen and water-melon.


Merely put, this web page takes what of some individuals, and pin it on a complete race. There Was a phrase due to it, I overlook precisely what it is………

This website is much more like, ‘what middle- class, educated Anglo-Saxon Us residents’ like. I don’t consider you’ll be able to broaden this document to white people in Australian Continent, Canada, France, New Zealand, The united kingdomt, Eire, Italy and so forth…it’s subsequently US-centric, and United States white people don’t converse for the remainder of the white world.

Simply an American would trouble producing a website like this as a result of nation is actually so smitten by race and what it ‘means’ turning into white or black.

It’s nice to snicker at your self nonetheless it’s fairly unhappy you actually consider together with of dermis determines your likes and behaviours.

on March 6, 2008 at 10:28 am E Pluribus Unum

That is the funniest weblog website I’ve learn in fairly some time. ‘Tis a pity that some readers go on it actually rather than contemplating the social commentary. I believe why these are the white those that have maybe not but obtained their MBAs.

As for myself, I deserted being a white particular person a while in the past and went keep one of many Inuit. It’s usually a welcome modification apart from from time to time I’m obligated to journey utterly to Fairbanks find an incredible wi-fi hyperlink for my MacBook.

My purpose is to want actually to say, that put up by 533, “Andrew Hen” is one thing which ought to be into the listing. Maybe not the whistling, however the indisputable fact that he said “how excited did I’ve as soon as I heard Andrew Hen whistling like a canary on their document….tickled”

Additionally, grammar police ought to be concerning quantity.

Subsequent, collectible “toys” like Smorkin Labbits together with different “figures” that may be purchased at Idea shops like http://www.magic-pony.com/

Or retro toys like He-Man, Black Star, WWF wrestlers (clearly for irony).

Camper or John Fluevog Sneakers.

Asymmetrical clothes.

Castro-style military hats. Or caps as a complete.

Scarves, significantly the sort that are loosely draped throughout the neck so they seem like a bib.

Placing on the Shemagh is very hilarious, as a result of the people carrying it apparently don’t understand it is a means of exhibiting assist for Palestinian solidarity. Naturally, since white individuals love causes, presumably they do perceive this, additionally it’s only a humorous coincidence that could be a scorching fashion craze. I’m all for Palestinian empowerment, nonetheless on price of life, and dangerous administration (Israel has truly, previously, provided to choose 90per cent of the wants made by Arafat, and, being a dick, he refused to compromise and left the Palestinian individuals within the gridlock they persistently try to draw out by themselves from).

#502 White individuals get pleasure from it every time numerous different occasions and nationalities emulate their specific white fashion sense, hair-styles, and speech patterns. They wish to see their whiteness mirrored again as soon as once more to them from all around the world. That’s the reason White everybody loves Japan.

Nice remark!

Yea they’re completely racism, however for some purpose it’s acceptable……

The writers for this web page proceed to have asian mother and father whom select to micromanage/destroy their resides. Have enjoyable with that, hahahaah.

Hmmm. Many individuals right here seem solely just a little… actually… aggravated within the writers strategy.

I suppose they’ve by no means ever heard Chris Rock discuss black people.

Don’t go on it so actually. It’s solely humor.

-Legislation faculty
-The New Yorker/Atlantic Month-to-month
-“Backpacking throughout Europe” when actually it signifies holding shit in a backpack and residing in hostels within the place of inserting shit in a baggage. by no means *actual* backpacking
-American Attire
-Tanning beds
-Something with all of the phrases “eco” “natural” “sustainable”

Im black coloured and I additionally get pleasure from entire meals, netflix, and plenty of numerous different white duties together with my yuppie butt group and strolling while you take a look at the park…whats happening to me?

this website is kinda humorous to start out with until you acknowledge you can put every part on right here and it could join with no less than some variety of white people someplace.

Civil Warfare re-enactors. Or Revolutionary Warfare, WW1, WW2, an such like.

White everybody loves this because it gives them with a way of delight in by themselves almost about their specific supposed historical past.

do not panic… however you’re turning white. you must start sprouting blond hair time rapidly. nonetheless it’s not dangerous in any respect. consider the entire new hobbies you may use and it’ll be a lot simpler to acquire a cab in NYC.

All this shit is precisely what yuppies fancy, no matter competitors. That’s actually not about white individuals within the usa, that is actually hipsters in large cities and cities. A snooty white fuck would be the solely one who would place wherever close to this a lot vitality into hating themselves.

All my life we work laborious at being open minded, respecting different people technique of life, understanding regarding the globe, actually delving in to the humanities, and caring, really caring about different religions, strategies of life, and nations. This web site is but another choice to maneuver all of us backwards.

Though it’s sort of an out-of-date reference it’s nonetheless in all probability turning into performed in a basement someplace within the U.S.,

Dungeons and Dragons.

Ummm… i consider what is essential of most is our love of flip-flops!!!!! Snow, Rain, daylight, Hurricane…. whatever the present climate flip flops goes for use.

Should you discover, virtually the entire issues with this quantity want cash doing/personal, or extra training to grasp/get pleasure from. Simply What Precisely you are saying is…. there was a better determine of white people having extra earnings being higher educated after that minorities?!?!*GASP* NO WAY!!!!
We for one…am shocked by this revolation.

Some individuals with commented have truly mentioned that a lot of sources apply to totally different white individuals within the U.S. and by no means a lot to white people far-off.

Due to this fact right here is the one which i would say is primarily one thing which white individuals in Germany like far more than within the U.S.,

David Hasselhoff.

White people like Moleskine notebooks, chap stick, premium goodies, and gasoline log fireplaces.

To #530, how does this document suck…ought to we now have included white sheets and swastikas?

I actually like my liberalism.

many individuals are utilizing this web page waaayyy to significantly!!! this web page is f**king hilarious!

Extraordinarily Humorous. I like revealing this with my white friends (having a couple of is important – you uncover extra from their web site on this method) I favor this weblog. Proceed the humorous work.

This web page is superb and hilarious. Its not fairly about liberal, or conservatives, if not white kids, its about yuppies. Its in direction of educated, moderately prosperous younger ones that dwell in gentrified city circumstances. We’ve got quite a few non-white friends may all the time test off plenty of the issues about this itemizing, however I do know its funnier to-be racialist and name your weblog stuff white individuals like. The only challenge is that some people haven’t any spontaneity and suppose this website affords correct purpose to make odd racist critiques about blacks liking rape, whereas others you’ll need so as to add pink state, decrease course fancies to the document.

Brit actors. Whites are in awe of these. They may carry out some shittiest work nonetheless they are going to nonetheless win the Oscars.

Remarks are shut.

This content material was initially printed here.


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