Out with the outdated; in with the brand new: It’s the proper January skincare mantra. If excessive climate or an excessive amount of vacation enjoyable has left your complexion uninteresting and dry, one of many quickest and best methods to make a change is to exfoliate — that’s, to take away outdated pores and skin cells, revealing newer pores and skin beneath.

Exfoliating helps with cell turnover, the pure shedding of useless cells that slows down as we age. If these cells accumulate, pores and skin can really feel tough and look uninteresting. Exfoliation helps take away a few of that particles, so pores and skin is smoother and displays gentle extra evenly.

There are two alternative ways to perform this prompt New 12 months’s transformation: Mechanical exfoliators polish away useless cells utilizing granules, comparable to sugar or salt crystals. Chemical exfoliators, which embody glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid, dissolve the bond between outdated cells and the newer ones beneath.

So which exfoliation methodology is best? Rodan + Fields founders Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields advocate each. “We’re followers of each mild chemical and mechanical exfoliation, with the important thing phrase being ‘mild,” they clarify of their e-book Write Your Pores and skin a Prescription for Change. “In our expertise, it takes the proper mixture of the 2 to dissolve the bonds between cells with out irritating pores and skin and to brush away useless cells, leaving pores and skin tender and clean.”

The Docs’ recommendation: “Don’t overdo it.” For those who don’t exfoliate recurrently and need to begin, or when you’ve solely used one sort of exfoliator and wish to add the chemical or mechanical product you’re lacking, give your pores and skin time to get used to it:

On the lookout for exfoliating merchandise from Rodan + Fields?

What’s your favourite exfoliating product?

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