Ever since BLACKPINK made their debut back in August 2016, they have continued to stun the world with not only their amazing, charismatic, and fierce performances, but also for their stylish and trendy outfits and makeup looks. With their global popularity, it is without a doubt that the BLACKPINK members are trendsetters.

But underneath all the glam and makeup, BLACKPINK looks equally stunning. With that, check out how different Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa look when they aren’t busy taking over the world!

How Does Each BLACKPINK Member Look With vs Without Makeup?

1. Jennie

(Photo : Instagram: @jennierubyjane)
BLACKPINK Jennie with makeup

When Jennie is promoting with BLACKPINK, she usually sports her signature smokey-eye makeup look, which makes her exude elegance, sexiness, and an overall baddie aura. Not only that, but with her makeup, she just radiates confidence on stage. In fact, due to Jennie’s immense popularity all around the world, many even try to recreate some of her iconic looks!

But when Jennie isn’t with BLACKPINK and is attending her own schedules, she cuts back on some of the eyeshadow, and usually goes for a more natural makeup look, which consists of blush, lipstick, and eyeliner.

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(Photo : Instagram: @jennierubyjane)
BLACKPINK Jennie no makeup

Now, when Jennie doesn’t have any official schedules or activities, she ditches the makeup and goes natural. When she’s barefaced, Jennie looks the total opposite, and looks more innocent!

In fact, many have noted that she looks like a baby with her chubby cheeks, which many can’t help but want to squish!

2. Rosé

(Photo : Instagram: @roses_are_rosie)
BLACKPINK Rosé with makeup

For when Rosé is promoting with BLACKPINK, she boasts a more subtle smokey-eye makeup look as compared to Jennie. But even with Rosé having less intense eye makeup that her fellow members, she is still able to show off her charismatic and gorgeous visuals that complement her features.

In recent years, she has been including a pop of color into her eye makeup look as well.

(Photo : Quora)
BLACKPINK Rosé with no makeup

Unlike Jennie, Rosé is rarely seen in public without any makeup on. But if she is, it’s usually during her off-days for when she doesn’t have any schedule or is traveling.

When she doesn’t have makeup, Rosé looks more carefree and casual. If her makeup on stage shows off her chicness, her bare face shows her youthfulness.

3. Jisoo

(Photo : Instagram: @sooyaaa__)
BLACKPINK Jisoo with makeup

As for Jisoo, her makeup look on stage consists of coral and pink shades for her eyeshadow, eyeliner, perfect eyebrows, vibrant lips, and colored contact lenses. In fact, Jisoo’s makeup is more on the lighter side, and would sometimes be heavy depending on BLACKPINK’s concept or activity.

In addition, Jisoo radiates princess-vibes, which can also be seen in the type of clothing she wears.

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(Photo : Instagram: @sooyaaa__)
BLACKPINK Jisoo without makeup

For when the idol-actress doesn’t have any schedule, Jisoo barely looks any different from her face with makeup. When she’s barefaced, Jisoo shows off more clean, yet vibrant visuals.

In fact, many are still surprised until this day when they see Jisoo without any makeup on, because she literally looks the same!

4. Lisa

(Photo : Instagram: @lalalalisa_m)
BLACKPINK Lisa with makeup

And lastly, when Lisa wears makeup for her promotions, she usually likes to accentuate her beautiful features with fun and unique styles by combining bold and eye-catching colors.

As Lisa has naturally large eyes, she utilizes a cat-eye makeup to make it less round and more sharp, making her even more fierce and radiate girl-power when she’s on stage.

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(Photo : Instagram: @lalalalisa_m)
BLACKPINK Lisa with no makeup

For when she is off-stage, you can see a more pure, comfortable, and refreshing version of Lisa, accompanied with her beautiful and clear skin!

What do you think of the members’ visuals when they have makeup versus without it?

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