Morocco, the Arab country is brimming with inspiration when it comes to home décor. Its rich culture is reflected in its interesting architecture, textured rugs, striking details, appealing accessories, and patterned floor tiles.  It is the versatility of the Moroccan décor, which makes it extremely easy to entwine it with almost any décor.

Whether you want something
lavish or subtle, here are a few ways in which you can introduce the exotic,
yet elegant elements of Bohemian décor in your home.

A pouffe is a must

A pouffe has been a part of Moroccan tradition from centuries, serving multiple roles as that of a fancy footstool as well as an impromptu seating option. It is light in weight and can be placed almost anywhere in your home. 

Add a Moroccan pouffe with a twist to instantly add magic to your home. An embroidered pouffe is a perfect addition to your reading area whereas a pouffe matching the coffee table can give you a new furnishing accessory to admire.

Layer it up with patterned rugs

A patterned rug in is an indispensable part of Moroccan inspired room. Add rugs of varying textures, different patterns, and vibrant colours for a fresh, eclectic, Moroccan vibe. And why stop at one when you are spoilt with endless choices in Moroccan rugs. Layer them up and add one to every room.

Add drama with Moroccan floor tiles

Sharp patterned tiles in contrasting hues are must-have for authentically designed Moroccan space. From bright blue and white to contrasting blacks and creams, Moroccan style tiles are especially eye-catching. And they don’t just stop at floors; you can find patterned Moroccan-style tiles from the floors to the walls and even on pillars.

If filling your apartment with geometric tiles seems too much, you can make a statement area (in the kitchen, bedroom or living room) and decorate it with Moroccan tiles to bring traditional Hamman vibes.

Jewell tones

Bright and bold jewel tones are a common element of Moroccan décor. These colours provide you with a lot of room for creativity and experimentation. From shiny emeralds and rubies to the vibrant sapphire blues, these jewel tones will make your space attractive and inviting while adding a bohemian vibe throughout. You can mix up different jewel tones while decorating an area or can go neutral with just one shade. Regardless, the jewel tones will add a unique sparkle to your home.

Complete the look by bringing the décor outdoors

A themed décor is never complete without decorating the outdoors. Add a Moroccan vibe to your outdoors with coloured lanterns, baskets, woven wood and potted plants. If you do not have much space for potted plants, hanging plants also go well with Moroccan décor. Add floor cushions, pillows, and pouffe to weave all the elements together.

Moroccan décor is probably one of the easiest to pull off because of its flexibility and vast choices. You can play with designs, patterns, and colours without any fear. As long as you are including some of the essential design elements of Moroccan decor, you can effortlessly transform your space into boho heaven.

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